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By| Hue Gey

In anexclusive interview with the astronomer Dr. Ahmed Shaheen with Castle Newspaper, he declared with number of exclusive news in his meeting with editor-in-chief Dr. Abeer Almadawy during the last session. He expressed his expectations about Egypt and the Arab region, but his focus on Egyptian affairs was of great interest to the difficulty of his expectations.
The next prime minister will be either a military figure or a woman and the two will come but one of them will precede the other only several months and expected that Dr. Sahar Nasr, Minister of Investment and International Cooperation that it is likely to be the first Egyptian Prime Minister of the country and may come after a military figure

Where the astronomer Ahmed Shaheen said:

As for the prime minister, I had a previous expectation that the prime minister would not go out of one of the two figures, and there is the expectation of the previous expectation of another and I am sure of it and possible to get together. It is possible to expect the choice of a military figure for a temporary period and then the other expectation occurs when the first woman in the history of Egypt receives the portfolio of the prime minister. I mean, the two things will happen together or because of the events in the region. Perhaps the prime minister will be a woman for some reason, even though I expect that she will get the most. I expect the next prime minister to be a military person, but for a short period of time because of the circumstances of the region such as war or economic reasons.

The most likely name of Minister Sahar Nasr is the closest to this position, according to my expectations and what I see before me


As for another Egyptian about the Ethiopian Dam and will the country enter into a war with Ethiopia, Ahmed Shahin said:

Unfortunately, I can say that Egypt will join in a war with Ethiopia and two Gulf states, they are an indivisible image ... in a war that will happen, but I can not say that it is a war in the strict sense that means, there will be no war with tanks, planes and all the needs, but it may be a shocking war for water, of course. From here the renaissance dam will be a reason, but the next war in the region may not be the kind of wars of the first generation or the second, and is not the wars of the fifth generation by media .But it will be water wars. Whoever owns the water will be the master of the world , who own the oil r the gold will not be the owner of the next period and thus they are upsetting Egypt. They are trying to speed up old prophecies. They try to manipulate the prophecies.


Expectations for the new year 2018 This is the first time in the media and exclusive to Castle newspaper,Ahmed Shahen said an expectation maybe misunderstanding...as he said I expect that Egypt will not be in the new year map 2018.

This is the first time I say this prediction and it is possible people expect the negative view and people who choose it positively.

And it is apparent to me now that Egypt will disappear either will be destroyed or flooded or anything that means that Egypt will not be on the map, but not in the negative sense but in the positive sense.

And here I assure exclusively and I say for the first time that the positive meaning of the disappearance of Egypt from the map that it is within the borders of the state, Egypt will expand or become a kingdom greater than a country and I expect there will be certain countries and certain leaders be the kings and masters of the region , it explains why Egypt will disappear and unite with other countries to widen its borders.


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