Aries :
You have another day to do exactly what you know you were born to do: Mingle. By late this evening, you'll be ready for at least a day off from socializing -- and you'll have it. The stars make sure you get a nice break from the spotlight. Even when it comes to a sign as fiery, outgoing and personable as yourself, it's easy to see how home might be the only place you'll really want to be now. Don't fight it. Think of it as a snuggle-fest.

There's absolutely nothing like the company of kindred spirits, as you well know. Thanks to the heavens playing up your earthy, permanence-loving side and your house of friendships, you'll be reminded of that now, via an insatiable urge to connect with like-minded others. You're after something that you instinctively know you can only get from them: Camaraderie. There's also a distinct possibility that you'll come into contact with someone who'll end up being far more than 'just a friend.' Wear the red.

The urge to take yourself somewhere you've never been before will be strong, especially if you've got an equally spontaneous travel companion handy -- and when don't you? It may not be a holiday, but you can always play hooky for a day and explore a little town a few miles away from you. Better yet, put your nose diligently to the grindstone for now, and spend the evening immersed in a pile of brochures and maps -- with your cohort, of course

The stars are urging one and all to rebel, revolt, mutiny and at the very least, question authority. You, however, are especially susceptible to this influence right about now. So, about that well-deserved reputation you've acquired for being considerate and cooperative? Let's just say it might temporarily be in danger. That doesn't mean you should shut down the urge to fight City Hall -- you're about to become pretty good at it, without even trying.


You've spent a good part of the past couple days staring intently into the mirror, wondering if there might not be something tattooed on your forehead that's visible only to shiftless types. For some reason, individuals of that kind seem to be gravitating toward you with sad stories, pleas for redemption and promises to do better next time, even if you've never set eyes on them before. Comb your bangs back down and relax. It's just your turn -- but we all get one. Practice just saying no and walking away

After one last day of teasing you with lingering glances that last just a tad too long to be socially acceptable, late this evening a certain person will finally be ready to say what's on their mind. If you're unattached and interested, stare back. (Heck, even if you're attached, go ahead and enjoy their admiration.) In fact, stare back for even longer than they do. Think of it as a contest. Resolve to win, and see where they put their eyes next. Bet you can guess.

Right now you're amply endowed with sensuality, charisma and an absolutely illegal amount of allure. This is not a surprise to anyone who knows you. Thanks to the stars, you're doubly lethal at the moment -- and you really should be careful where you aim this stuff. You know how potent your charm is. Now double that by a hundred -- or a thousand.


It's all about strong feelings coupled with an erratic, unpredictable energy right now. You're usually the very soul of devotion and commitment, and you love your routines more than just about anyone. But now, for some darned reason, you can't even force yourself to do anything the way you did it yesterday -- or for the past ten months. Or even years. Don't be scared. Maybe it's time for a change, and the universe has devised a plan to help you out. Surf this tide.

Those who know and love you are never surprised at what tumbles from between your lips. So when you begin spouting off even a bit more bluntly than usual over the next couple of days -- which is really saying something, for you -- if you're with the usual suspects, no one will blink an eyelash. But if you're with folks who aren't used to your rather frank and direct style? At least offer to escort them to a cab when you're done speaking your mind. It's only fair.

Your financial situation seems to be a bit shaky at the moment -- or is it only that you're worried about it because you've been pleasantly distracted by more tender matters? Regardless of how or why it's happened, return your attention to numbers, just for a bit. If the emotional situation is for real, it won't go anywhere -- and definitely not in the time it takes to balance the checkbook, sort through credit card receipts and get your financial house in order.

That old expression about 'wearing your heart on your sleeve'? You'll be living proof of it for at least one more day. You're not ordinarily the type to spout off and you don't enjoy it when it happens. It's tough for you to navigate this type of thing, but for now, why not indulge yourself? Invest in a box of Kleenex. If you really want to go deep, play some Billie Holiday. If that doesn't do it, it's hard to say what will. Watching 'ET,' maybe?

Pisces :
Somewhere between late this afternoon and early this evening, you'll need to make a decision: Whether to let a secret finally see the light of day, or keep it under wraps. Use that famous intuition of yours to make your decision. Remember to consider the future of all parties concerned. Don't feel guilty if your ultimate decision is to open up and let the truth be told. Every now and then, clearing the air is really the best tactic -- for everyone.



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