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For your Libra Horoscope 2019, get used to no more rollercoasters in your relationship house! Basically you have had a seven-year itch that saw any decent love option run a mile everytime commitment was brought up. Well, now you can now take your feet off the pedals and stop trying so hard when it comes to romance. Now there is no more Uranus jumping out from behind your shoulder and spooking anyone sensible entering your life. If you are a Libra that enjoys freedom and change you, might have trouble adjusting to the new calmer waters.

You start the year briskly with Mars in your marriage house so you may find that you are on a mission when it comes to your love life. But don’t worry, you won’t have to run around armed with a glue-gun like you did in the past few years. Unplug the weapon for crying out loud, as you might burn someone! Be especially careful on Feb 12 when Mars makes its explosive conjunction with Uranus in your partner’s sector. What?! Uranus is back!? Yes, but don’t panic, it is just a short revisit before it leaves Aries for good on Mar 6

Libra Horoscope 2019 Keywords
Going steady, feisty friendships, health & healing study, root inspections, last crazy fling, magical information, hungry for wisdom.

So from Jan 1 to Valentine’s day on Feb 14 you have Mars in the house of open enemies, which could prove stressful but interesting. You will certainly know who your friends are and you might well need them on your side when defending yourself against the wild mob who are hurling knives at you. Ok, it’s not going to be that bad hopefully, but Mars in its rulership here is going to be feisty, to say the least. You need to be able to take the high ground and not rise to the bait.

Until Feb 14 in your Libra Horoscope 2019 your partner might also delight in just winding you up for the hell of it. The best approach with lovers is to make love, not war. It really is the only option. If they won’t let you, just take out the frustration on a tennis racquet or any ball that you can kick or hit. Ladies, careful with those pointy shoes….you know what I’m saying.

The big aspect pattern of 2019, Jupiter square Neptune will impact your learning sector during on Jan 6, Jun 16 and Sep 21. This will make you curious about spiritual wisdom and how it can help you in your daily life. The self-sacrificial/martyr tendencies of this aspect won’t impact your relationships, but you could end up being the office slave if you are not careful. Career reboots should happen with the summer eclipses will really help remove any stubborn grime that has accumulated in your home

If you work for yourself then you can much better utilise this energy with a new course of study. If you are a healer then this square is particularly useful as you can use its cleansing qualities for a detox. You will also spend time learning about your locality in 2019 Libra. You will find what healing is available in your neighbourhood and where you find the best locally-sourced food. Your nearest farmers market will be your new medicine cabinet.

Libra 2019
Transits of Saturn, Jupiter, Ceres, Mars & Lilith
Libra has serious Saturn in its home sector for the next 2 years. This is an extremely important transit of Saturn because it entails an inspection of the very roots of your being. You will be examining your domestic arrangement and any properties you might own. Unhappiness here will probe you to dig deeper at the fundamental cause. Perhaps you might look at ancestral karma and what you may perceive as a family curse.

What you fix within yourself in 2019 will be integral to your life-calling or career in 15 years time, so it is really, really important to make these foundations strong, deep and stable. This is your rock for many years to come. The solar eclipse in your 4th house on Jan 6 will bring extra focus on your living arrangements and they could well change over the course of the next 6 months.

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