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A press interview by Dr. Ahmed Makled

She is the owner of creativity and a source of excellence with the manual art that she offers. It requires a great deal of patience, accuracy and practice because of the difficulties in implementing his performance techniques and practices, and she needs continuous follow-up in its construction. Yes, she is an artist of a special style and in a distinct field. Because it does not offer the traditional art of weaving, but rather it introduces the aesthetics of the art of weaving, and employing its use through sophisticated and elaborate expressions. Colors blend in to be a source of joy and pleasure for those who see them, as they are textile works. With the hopes of an artist who is not from this era, but she came to us from a future era that carries her experiences, tools and practices to make us a model of creativity and a fine example, and now the curtain has fallen and we have the moon of creativity to show us the path of knowledge and the way of artistic creativity through what it provides by mixing the creative heritage of textile practices that You mastered and created it with our creative heritage and methods of implementation, with the aim of achieving excellence and sophistication in the textile work carried out and now allow me to announce the source of this inspiration and creativity in the field of textured fabric.

And after this introduction with us, the high-end Argentine artist, Maria Cristina Rios Iniguez.

- What are the data related to the definition of your high-ranking person?

Name: Maria Cristina Rios Iniguez.

Date of birth: 27/6/1952 AD.

Address: Zabala Neuquen, Republica, Argentina.

Position: University Professor in Arts, Writing, Professional Textile Art and Pre-Colombo Arts.

What are your most famous works?

In 1993 she published a book called "CHAIN ​​OF LIGHT, CHAIN ​​OF LOVE The Light Series, Love Series", which includes acrylic paintings by the author.

- In order for many artistic posts and exhibitions, what are the most famous of these posts in the Arab Republic of Egypt?

In October 2019, I participated in an art exhibition held in Bahler Hall, Cairo, Egypt.

During the period (20-25) of January (2020), I participated in a workshop, at the University of Assiut, Department of Arts at the invitation of Professor Dr. / Dean of the College.

During the period (26-30) of January (2020), I participated in a workshop at the University of Minia University, Faculty of Art Education and through the invitation of Mrs. Prof. Dr. / Dean of the College.

- What are your memories about visiting Egypt?

I have been fortunate to visit Egypt more than once, and I have held many workshops to train in implementing the textile weaving techniques and practical practices. I have also held many artistic exhibitions specialized in the field of weaving on the land of Egypt, as well as I have participated in many private and collective art exhibitions around the world, and I thank my friends, Egyptian artists from the provinces of “Minya and Assiut” who arranged for me during my presence with them some visits to the most famous landmarks Archeology in the governorates of “Minya and Assiut” I spent some time on the promenade of the Nile Corniche and made a cruise in the Nile, and that visit was a distinguished and elegant memory, and I wish to return to visit Egypt and I promise you that I will return very soon to Egypt to enjoy my presence among you, and with the promise to do my best My best in T. My experiences and skills in the field of implementing textile techniques through what is prepared as a training workshop within educational institutions that teach art and art education in Egyptian universities.

How do you see the Egyptian heritage from your point of view? What is your impression of the warm hospitality of those who dealt with them in Egypt?

I am amazed at the splendor of Egyptian art, including its paintings, sculptures, and music. The Egyptian culture is rich with creative stimuli, pillars of success, and creativity. Some of my colleagues in the governorates of Upper Egypt in the Arab Republic of Egypt have made me available and officially invited from public universities in the governorates of "Minya and Assiut". To carry out workshops on training in weaving techniques, to continue cultural exchange and to share professional and technical experiences.

Egypt is a charming country with a mysterious charm that attracts you to repeat its visit, as it is a country that has no parallel and no parallel. May God distinguish her with her high-class people. They did my best, honored my reception, and included me with their care and expressed my high feelings in their dealings with me through their appreciation of my person and the constant pursuit of my support in setting up workshops to train on some technical practices to implement the fabric drawn from the reality of Argentine heritage and try to mix it with the performance methods in circulation used in Textile panels in Egypt. My appreciation was through university leaders during my visit and my honor and I had all the support to do what I love to do by teaching textile art and techniques and to see the results of my achievement through what was produced in the workshops in Egyptian universities.

To this end, the dialogue has ended, and we look forward to visiting you again, to your second country, Egypt. You are welcome and appreciative of the excellence and creativity you enjoy stemming from the persistence of experience and profusion of experience.


By:Nadeemy Haded

The United States has called on its nationals abroad who want to return to their homes to do so now before the Coronavirus turns into a "tsunami" with which it loses the ability to evacuate them.

"There is no guarantee that within a few weeks the State Department will be able to continue to assist in the evacuations," said Ian Brownley, who is in charge of coordinating efforts to return US nationals from abroad.

He warned that what is available today from using commercial flights or even chartering private planes may become impossible in the near future.

He added: "If there are American citizens who want to return to the United States, they should make arrangements now."

He continued: "If you are standing on the beach and the ground starts shaking beneath you, then you do not remain there waiting for the tsunami to arrive, but rather you are searching for a safe haven .. Well, in this case, the earthquake has already occurred, and it is time for you to resort to a safe haven and not to hope." To receive help later! ".

The US Department of State organized the evacuation of more than 30,000 Americans from abroad, but on Wednesday it warned that its ability to continue to do so could diminish within weeks.

Source: AFP


By:Nadeemy Haded

The Russian authorities announced the registration of six deaths and 771 new cases of the emerging coronavirus "Covid-19" during the past 24 hours, 595 of which were in Moscow.

The Anti-Corona Operations Room confirmed today, Thursday, in its daily report that the death toll from the virus in Russia reached 30 new deaths, adding that three of the new deaths were recorded in Moscow and another case in its district, in addition to recording one death in each of the Perm region and the Republic Chechnya.

Meanwhile, the number of confirmed HIV infections in Russia has increased to 3,548 people, and new infections have been recorded in 29 of the country's regions.

Forty-five people have left Russian hospitals since yesterday after recovering fully from the virus, bringing the total number of people recovering to 235.

Today's figure shows the largest jump in the number of cases of corona in Russia since the virus began in the country.

Moscow remains the largest epicenter of the virus in the country, recording 19 of the total number of deaths and 2475 cases.

Source: RT


By:Nadeemy Haded

International organizations have warned of the risk of food shortages on the global market due to disturbances in international trade and food supplies due to the outbreak of the Coruna virus.

"The ambiguity about the availability of food can cause a wave of export restrictions," which in turn may cause, "Tudros Adhanum Gebriesos, and the Director of the World Trade Organization, Roberto Azevedo, said in a joint statement. With "a shortage of the global market."

For the three organizations concerned with health, nutrition and international trade, it is "important" to secure trade exchanges "in order to avoid food shortages in particular," the joint statement said.

The three organizations expressed their fear, in particular, about the "slowing down of the movement of workers in the agricultural and food sectors," which impedes many western crops and "delays in the borders of the containers" of goods, which leads to "wasting perishable products and increasing food waste".

The organizations pointed to the need to “protect” employees in the food production sector and those working in the agro-food manufacturing industry as well as those working in distribution with the aim of “reducing virus outbreaks in the sector” and “maintaining food supplies”.

The directors of the three organizations added, "When the issue is the issue of protecting the health and welfare of citizens, countries should ensure that all trade measures do not disturb the food supply."

They emphasized that "in such periods of time, international cooperation becomes necessary."

"We must ensure that our response to the Covid-19 epidemic does not involuntarily lead to an undue shortage of essential products and exacerbates hunger and malnutrition," they concluded.

Source: AFP

By:Nadeemy Haded

The Kremlin confirmed that President Vladimir Putin, today, Thursday, will hold a series of contacts with leaders of other countries, and will send a new televised message to the Russian people, against the backdrop of the continuing outbreak of the new Corona virus.

The Russian presidential spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, announced that Putin's agenda today includes several phone calls with "international partners", pledging to issue an official statement on this matter later.

Peskov pointed out that Putin is currently working on the text of his new message to the Russian people, which is expected to be broadcast after 16:00 Moscow time (13:00 GMT).

In his first message to Putin on April 25, the President announced a series of measures aimed at deterring the spread of the Corona virus in the country, notably the announcement this week of a paid holiday aimed at reducing citizens ’movements.

So far, there were 3,548 confirmed injuries and 30 deaths due to SK.

Source: Novosti


By:Nadeemy Haded

China recorded fewer new cases of coronavirus today, but it tightened restrictions on movement in some areas, due to fears of more cases coming from abroad.

The National Health Commission said the country recorded 35 new HIV infections on April 1, all from abroad.

The authorities are still concerned about cases of infection received from abroad, and in recent days they have denied entry to foreign passport holders, and have ordered a significant reduction in the number of international flights.

On Wednesday, a county in Henan Province prohibited residents from leaving, and prevented them from going to work without a permit after several cases appeared in the area.

Today, Thursday, Henan Province announced a new case of infection from abroad without symptoms, according to the provincial health department, and ten cases without symptoms are still under observation, six of which are from abroad, and four are transmitted to them locally.

Hubei Province, where the outbreak began, registered 37 new cases without symptoms until the end of Wednesday, according to the Chinese Xinhua News Agency.

Source: "Reuters"


By:Nadeemy Haded

European Union documents revealed that the governments of the member states notified the presidency of the union that their health systems are ready, in an assessment that contradicts the crises of the lack of medical equipment they are suffering in light of the Corona outbreak.

Internal and public documents have shown that European Union governments may have caused the crisis to increase due to the overstatement of their ability to contain them.

Reuters reported that during a closed meeting with diplomats from European Union member states on February 5, two weeks after China restricted the movement of nearly 60 million people in Hubei province, an European Commission official said that “things are under control”, This happened just two weeks before the first Corona victims in Italy.

The optimistic analysis presented by the European Commission official on the fifth of February, stemmed from a series of meetings with health experts from member states of the European Union.

At a meeting on January 31, delegates from the ministries of health told the commission that they did not need assistance in purchasing medical equipment, and according to the details of the minutes, "No country has yet requested support to obtain additional countermeasures" and that only four member states have warned that they may You need protective equipment if the situation in Europe worsens. The names of the four countries are not included in the document.

On February 28, the European Commission launched a joint program to purchase face masks and other protective equipment.

Initially, no bids were submitted in the tender held for 25 member states of the Union, at a time when Member States are currently working on evaluating the offers received in a second tender but have not signed any contracts yet, and UNHCR estimates indicate that any quantities will not be delivered Weeks ago.

Now the countries of the Union are facing a huge shortage of testing devices, and they have started implementing a joint plan for their purchase as of March 18.

The need to purchase the necessary respirators for patients with acute respiratory problems through a joint arrangement did not appear, except at a meeting of health experts in the countries of the Union held on March 13, according to the minutes of the meeting.

The European Disease Control Agency considered the risk of facing health-care systems beyond their capacities "low to medium" in mid-February, but the agency revised a month after its estimate and said that no country would have enough of the intensive care family by mid-April.

Source: Reuters

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