By|Ahmad Shraqy

In the framework of efforts to promote the Sino-Egyptian relations, cultural and civilization exchange between the two big countries Egypt and China… Castle Foundation for global cultures , Media and Development, represented by Castle Journal newspaper has signed a protocol for fruitful cooperation with the (Chinese Cultural Center in Cairo) with the presence of Professor .chn Yoon Dong" Chinese cultural counselor in Cairo" and the director of the Chinese cultural Center in Cairo and Dr. Abeer AlMadawy,CEO of Castle foundation of global culture and Castle Journal.

 The protocol of cooperation between Castle Journal and The Chinese Center says;

In light of the Egyptian and Chinese cultural year that both the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and Chinese President Xi Jinping ,agreed to enhance the ways of cultures between the 2 nations…Castle Journal and the Chinese cultural center are pleased to share this will which aims to promote artistic and literary and cultural exchanges between the two countries .

By this protocol , Castle Journal will publish and confirm the exchange and dissemination of Sino-Egyptian culture on the international Afro-Arab level through the aims three languages ​​"Arabic-Chinese English-" on-print on paper and electronically.

And in this context we are pleased to announce that since the signing of Castle Journal cooperation protocol with the magazine of China today that  support the same idea of ​​consolidating relations between the two peoples, allowing further relations on the basis of a proper understanding of the customs and traditions and stereotyped lifestyle for both countries

Since helping to expand political and economic relations

As well as confirming the road of Castle Journal in establishing global message of peace and tolerance is the biggest goal, that must be promoted by a special relationship ,which is free from all restrictions,racism and other demonstrations such as extremism and terrorism.

Dr.Abeer Almadawy said in her statement ;

We are honored with this new protocol with the Chinese Cultural Center in Cairo, which we consider AS an asset worthy of respect for all, as well as expecting to open up the prospects of comprehensive Sino-Egyptian cooperation in all fields in which care with the evolution of human life and interested in peace ,tolerance ,love and We pray that through this protocol may Castle Journal can be a bridge to deepen the cooperation in various life issues such as tourism and monuments, science and economy and investment for the benefit of China and Egypt and our great peoples.


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