Novelist Abeer Almadawy ,chose as The best personality  in 2018 by the Egyptian British Academy


Muhannad Mustafa

In the light of the media and press efforts in various fields of science and culture and the dissemination of the message of peace and tolerance in the world, the Egyptian British Academy led by Professor Amal Hussein, Chairman of the Board of Directors chose and honored  the novelist and writer Abeer Almadawy, the founder and chairman of Castle Journal,the British group for Journalism and Media and the chief  editor of all its newspapers and magazines.

Abeer Almadawy welcomed the honoring as the best personality of 2018 by the Egyptian British Academy, which is distinguished by its extensive experience and excellence in academic and educational work.

"Honoring and choosing me is  a medal of honor I wish I would be worthy"

Dr. Amal Hussain, President of the Academy, congratulated Dr. Abeer Almadawy  on the selection and honor . She said ;

" This honor is for your role and your great efforts in providing distinguished media, high culture and efforts aimed at promoting science and culture and advancing peoples with a message of peace and world Tolerance.

It is noteworthy that this is the third honors in 2018 for the novelist and writer Abeer Almadawy , who was received the honor of the Organization of Alsaida Development and World Peace, and the Association of Supervision and Nakhwa of Iraq. 

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