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     Marilyn Monroe The biggest famous American star and the most loved woman over earth ever,had many secrets in her short life...

Perhaps many people think she was a happy woman and she owned everything in her life.

She was the most sexiest ,richest and desirable woman in her time,but though that all the information that was leaked about her life referred to a miserable,sad and unlucky woman!

In the following lines will show how life can't give the human everything,if it gives the person one thing,it will take in front of it more than you expect.

let's show number of things she suffered from:


1_Believe or not Marilyn Monroe was considered as an orphan and she lived in an orphanage because her mother suffered from mental illness !

may be this is the reason why Marilyn  dreamed to be a mother later in her life and she had been pregnant twice but unfortunately in both times her pregnancy was fallen.

It made of her miserable woman and fell in depression and sadness.

2_Marilyn desired to live as a loved woman and already get married but she passed with bad events in her life that made her emotionally unstable and eventually led her to commit suicides.

3_It is said she was shy woman and sometimes doesn't have a confidence in herself ...the reason of that ,at her start she has bad nose and she had to run plastic surgery to get her beauty nose that world used to see her with .

4_Also she had a kind of stuttering in her speech and because of that she had to visit a phonetic trainer so she can talk easily.

When she feels shyness,she aimed to hide with sexy smile and a warm breath so no one notice her stuttering or shyness.

5_According to other media sources they said that Marilyn was very intelligent woman, so that she played an important role in the politics life secretly but what said about her  IQ was 160+ which basically makes her intimate with Albert Einstein,it is inaccurate knowledge...It can say that she was very smart woman more than others from her age and sort at that time.

Rare photo of Marilyn Monroe IN HER STARTS


6_Also she was a good reader and someone who can read the books quickly and understand it in few time.

7_Marilyn is famous of her beautiful blonde hair. However, this is not her natural hair color. She was born a brunette and began dying her hair when she signed her first studio contract. Her producers considered blonde to be much more seductive than brown

    8_Also she hided that she had a trouble in sightseeing so she had to wear an eyeglasses but because of her sexy image she avoided to wear it. 

    9_No one doesn't know how much she was fond of bikini but actually she used as a kind of an image,exactly as her request to be photographed from her right side not the left.


The image has taken a lot from her thinking and life,but behind scenes she was  nervous and afraid human ,may be sometimes she thought an ugliness in her face and tried to fight but at the end she felt boring of herself as of her life and committed the suicide.

     One of her favorite quotes says;

    "I always felt insecure and in the way, but most of all I felt scared. I guess I wanted love more than anything else in the world.




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