By|Abeer Almadawy

Art is a language that embodies history. This is what appeared  in the most famous international paintings that showed  different periods of history of many ancient human civilizations, such as paintings found on papyrus,  walls of temples and museums.
The art movements showed many changes equal with to the philosophical movements that formed the veneer of plastic arts later, and it was a great key to the conceptualization of the philosophical perspective of literary work

Where paintings sought whatever method of painting used to a typical type of time and type of philosophical that lived this era

It also recounted how people's lives, customs, clothes, lifestyle and what characterized this period were most important
Today we stop in front of oil paintings between 1880 and 1920 for life in Algeria
The pictures clearly focus on rural life in Algeria in the 19 century and the first tens of the 20....

Castle Zaman spot of some of known painters who drew the most famous painting in this nation and during this time .





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