A press interview by Dr. Ahmed Makled

She is the owner of creativity and a source of excellence with the manual art that she offers. It requires a great deal of patience, accuracy and practice because of the difficulties in implementing his performance techniques and practices, and she needs continuous follow-up in its construction. Yes, she is an artist of a special style and in a distinct field. Because it does not offer the traditional art of weaving, but rather it introduces the aesthetics of the art of weaving, and employing its use through sophisticated and elaborate expressions. Colors blend in to be a source of joy and pleasure for those who see them, as they are textile works. With the hopes of an artist who is not from this era, but she came to us from a future era that carries her experiences, tools and practices to make us a model of creativity and a fine example, and now the curtain has fallen and we have the moon of creativity to show us the path of knowledge and the way of artistic creativity through what it provides by mixing the creative heritage of textile practices that You mastered and created it with our creative heritage and methods of implementation, with the aim of achieving excellence and sophistication in the textile work carried out and now allow me to announce the source of this inspiration and creativity in the field of textured fabric.

And after this introduction with us, the high-end Argentine artist, Maria Cristina Rios Iniguez.

- What are the data related to the definition of your high-ranking person?

Name: Maria Cristina Rios Iniguez.

Date of birth: 27/6/1952 AD.

Address: Zabala Neuquen, Republica, Argentina.

Position: University Professor in Arts, Writing, Professional Textile Art and Pre-Colombo Arts.

What are your most famous works?

In 1993 she published a book called "CHAIN ​​OF LIGHT, CHAIN ​​OF LOVE The Light Series, Love Series", which includes acrylic paintings by the author.

- In order for many artistic posts and exhibitions, what are the most famous of these posts in the Arab Republic of Egypt?

In October 2019, I participated in an art exhibition held in Bahler Hall, Cairo, Egypt.

During the period (20-25) of January (2020), I participated in a workshop, at the University of Assiut, Department of Arts at the invitation of Professor Dr. / Dean of the College.

During the period (26-30) of January (2020), I participated in a workshop at the University of Minia University, Faculty of Art Education and through the invitation of Mrs. Prof. Dr. / Dean of the College.

- What are your memories about visiting Egypt?

I have been fortunate to visit Egypt more than once, and I have held many workshops to train in implementing the textile weaving techniques and practical practices. I have also held many artistic exhibitions specialized in the field of weaving on the land of Egypt, as well as I have participated in many private and collective art exhibitions around the world, and I thank my friends, Egyptian artists from the provinces of “Minya and Assiut” who arranged for me during my presence with them some visits to the most famous landmarks Archeology in the governorates of “Minya and Assiut” I spent some time on the promenade of the Nile Corniche and made a cruise in the Nile, and that visit was a distinguished and elegant memory, and I wish to return to visit Egypt and I promise you that I will return very soon to Egypt to enjoy my presence among you, and with the promise to do my best My best in T. My experiences and skills in the field of implementing textile techniques through what is prepared as a training workshop within educational institutions that teach art and art education in Egyptian universities.

How do you see the Egyptian heritage from your point of view? What is your impression of the warm hospitality of those who dealt with them in Egypt?

I am amazed at the splendor of Egyptian art, including its paintings, sculptures, and music. The Egyptian culture is rich with creative stimuli, pillars of success, and creativity. Some of my colleagues in the governorates of Upper Egypt in the Arab Republic of Egypt have made me available and officially invited from public universities in the governorates of "Minya and Assiut". To carry out workshops on training in weaving techniques, to continue cultural exchange and to share professional and technical experiences.

Egypt is a charming country with a mysterious charm that attracts you to repeat its visit, as it is a country that has no parallel and no parallel. May God distinguish her with her high-class people. They did my best, honored my reception, and included me with their care and expressed my high feelings in their dealings with me through their appreciation of my person and the constant pursuit of my support in setting up workshops to train on some technical practices to implement the fabric drawn from the reality of Argentine heritage and try to mix it with the performance methods in circulation used in Textile panels in Egypt. My appreciation was through university leaders during my visit and my honor and I had all the support to do what I love to do by teaching textile art and techniques and to see the results of my achievement through what was produced in the workshops in Egyptian universities.

To this end, the dialogue has ended, and we look forward to visiting you again, to your second country, Egypt. You are welcome and appreciative of the excellence and creativity you enjoy stemming from the persistence of experience and profusion of experience.

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