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Cairo - 

by|Nermen Alshafaey

Minister of Planning, Follow-up and Administrative Reform Hala Al-Saeed said that there is a very positive outlook because of the growth rate of 5.2% driven by increased investment in a number of key sectors, which positively affects the balance of payments position, the size of the reserves and the decrease in unemployment rates.

Al-Saeed stressed on Tuesday the importance of achieving administrative reform. She said that she presented to the members of the House of Representatives all the measures taken in the field of administrative reform, both on the restructuring of the ministries and the establishment of new units, training programs and automation of services.

"We have special units for auditing, governance, strategic planning, human resources, and a mechanized system of human resources, all of which will be reflected positively on administrative reform and the fight against corruption," said Hala Al-Saeed after the parliament's plenary session.

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