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By: Nadeemy Haded

By abandoning the duties of the royal family, Prince Harry and his wife Megan Markle will not have to adhere to a number of protocols that have been imposed on them before.

The Business Insider website revealed the most prominent 10 royal protocols that the couple will get rid of, after they announced "giving up their duties as prominent members of the royal family in Britain and working for financial independence."

Dealing with audiences

The former etiquette and butler of Prince Charles, Grant Harold, confirmed to Business Insider that it was objectionable that members of the royal family touch their fans.

He said: "In addition to the aspect of royal decency, it is a great security risk if someone is able to get close to the point of being able to touch the members of the royal family."


When asked to sign to the masses, Charles is said to have replied, "I'm sorry, they don't let me do that," according to earlier reports.

Markle broke this royal law by signing a book for a little girl in 2018.

Megan Markle can return to acting, as she will not be obligated to stop work, because of giving up her duties as Duchess of Sussex.

Megan previously starred in the famous American series "Soots", before retiring from acting because of her affiliation with Prince Harry.

Not to represent the Queen

From now on, the Queen will not be required to represent Queen Elizabeth II on official royal occasions, inside and outside Britain, in the Commonwealth of Nations.

Baptizing the child

Harry and Meghan will no longer have to baptize their children in a royal way anymore, which is to cover the child with a special robe inherited from generations, using water from the Jordan River, which was applied in the baptism of their first son Archie.

Call by name

According to sources close to Harry and Meghan, the couple announced their happiness that people would start calling out to them with their first names, without using the phrase "His Royal Highness," the term previously imposed on everyone calling them from the public, journalists, or diplomats.

Overt love

Harry and Meghan can now show "feelings of love" to each other in public places, such as kissing or getting close to each other, which was previously unacceptable.

Complaints are permitted

By relinquishing their royal duties, the couple can now talk about the problems they face in any aspect of their lives for the press or the public, which was previously unacceptable.

Simple outfit

Megan Markle is expected to return to wearing "simpler" clothes in her daily life, after she committed to "royal" clothes chosen by specialists, during her tenure as Duchess of Sussex.

Harry's new look

Prince Harry has been spotted with the same black J-Crew jacket, which is worth $ 170, over and over again, due to the royal commitment.

Now, like his wife, Prince Harry will be able to abandon the strict royal dress code, especially since he will not attend many royal occasions that he was obliged to attend.

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By: Nadeemy Haded

A video recording, published by American media, revealed that President Donald Trump requested the dismissal of the US ambassador to Ukraine, the main figure in the ongoing trial to remove the president.

The footage was recorded during a dinner for donors in the campaign campaign in April 2018 in a hotel and was revealed to the media lawyer and defendant Lev Barnas, partner Rudi Giuliani, Trump's personal lawyer.

Barnas and his partner Igor Froman are key figures in the campaign that Trump is accused of pressuring the Ukrainian government to investigate Joe Biden, his potential opponent in the upcoming presidential election.

This case is essential in the ongoing trial to remove the president in the US Senate.

Trump ordered the expulsion of Ambassador Jovanovic after Parnas informed him that it was an obstacle, and said she had spoken lightly of the president.

"Get rid of her!" Trump says in the recording, apparently addressing one of his aides at a dinner table. "Take it out tomorrow. I don't care. Take it out tomorrow, take it out. Do you agree? Do it."

These footage, recorded from a narrow angle, came at the start of the hour and 23 minutes of video. The background looks bleak as if the camera was covered, but Trump's voice is clear.

In a television interview with MSNBC News last week, Barnas said Trump "was aware of what was going on precisely" about his efforts and those of Froman pressuring the Ukrainian authorities to investigate Biden.

Barnas appeared in the interview after the Democrats published documents that revealed that Giuliani had worked with him to press Kiev to investigate Biden.

Parnas and Fromman were charged last October with violating election campaign financing laws

Documents revealed that the two men are working with Ukrainian officials, trying to expel Jovanovich, the respected professional diplomat dismissed by Trump in May 2019.

"More surprises"

The new video recording confirms much of what Barnas said in his television interview, including that he knew Trump, which the president denied.

In October, Jovanovic testified before the Congress, explaining that she had been dismissed because of "false allegations without foundation, by people whose motives are clearly questionable."

Barnas' lawyer, Joseph Bondi, said he had provided evidence to investigators in the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives.

He told CNN that Barnas has more records and pictures that may be revealed to the public.

The publication of the tape increases pressure on Senators to call witnesses as part of the trial, a measure that many Americans strongly support, according to many opinion polls.

White House attorneys began defending Trump, presenting their arguments at the trial on Saturday.

They asserted that the president made no mistake in his dealings with Ukraine, and that it was the US voters, not the Congress, who must decide his fate.

Trump's lawyers will resume the arguments on Monday

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By: Nadeemy Haded

For decades, Japan has used high-speed rail technology, but it is now time to replace this technology with a modern one that keeps pace with the times, and it may well be ahead of it too.

In short, the new technology is high-speed trains that fly through the air and do not run on traditional railways, according to a Turkish newspaper, Hurriyet, on Saturday.

The new technology called "Maglev" is seen as the future of trains in the coming decades.

The train can reach speeds of 600 km per hour, and does not use conventional wheels, but rather flies over the ground at an altitude of 10 centimeters in the air.

On the side walls of the new train lines, there are magnetic coils, which push the magnet on the train and help it stay suspended in the air, and prevent it from slipping.

Heavy friction on conventional rail trains reduces their speed while moving over bars.

The new technology is slated to enter service in 2027, and project owners say they have completed the stages of technology development, leaving only search for land to implement the project.

Japan's central rail company says it has agreed to fund the project.

It is scheduled to connect the first line between Tokyo and the city of Nagoya, which is located south of the Japanese capital.

According to a Japanese official, the train speed reached 600 km in the tests, but it will not exceed 500 during the flights that carry people, indicating that the priority is for safety, not speed.

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By: Nadeemy Haded

Chinese authorities announced on Sunday that one of its provinces and three cities in the country will take new measures in an effort to contain the spread of the virus that causes acute pneumonia.

The official local China STRTV said that the coastal city of Shantou in Guangdong will not prohibit cars, ships and people from entering K, but it will strengthen the disease control measures such as disinfection and sterilization efforts, denying a government statement issued at a time former

The state television channel (CCTV) said that Shandong Province (east) will suspend the entry of long-haul buses to its territory, after three cities, Tianjin, Beijing and Qian, announced such measures.

The television added that buses operating inside the province will not be allowed to move unless measures are taken to measure the temperature of travelers.

A city official in Qian wrote on the "Weibo" short message platform that the city, with a population of 10 million, would suspend long bus journeys from 18:00 (10:00 GMT) on Sunday, as well as entry of tourist buses to it.

He added that taxi transfers within the city will also be prevented, with the exception of those coming from the city's airport.

Several cities and regions in China have imposed restrictions on movement to prevent the spread of acute viral pneumonia, which has infected nearly 2,000 people and killed 56.

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Sunday, 26 January 2020 16:44

Close to Hong Kong Disney and Ocean Park


By: Nadeemy Haded

Hong Kong Disneyland and Ocean Park in Hong Kong are closed Sunday to help prevent the spread of the deadly corona virus that has spread in Wuhan, China.

CCTV reported that work would continue as usual in hotels in Hong Kong's Disneyland.

Before that, the Shanghai local government in China said that Shanghai Disneyland would be closed from Saturday. On Friday, China began its 7-day Lunar New Year holiday, a period when clubs are usually crowded.

China confirmed that 1975 people had contracted the new coronavirus by January 25, while the death toll from the virus had risen to 56.

The virus first appeared in Wuhan, in central China's Hubei province, late last year, and it spread to other Chinese cities including Beijing and Shanghai, as well as the United States, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Australia, France and Canada.

Source: Reuters


By: Nadeemy Haded

Global markets are going through a difficult period as the spread of the Corona virus accelerates, which has caused panic among investors and led to the rescheduling of a large number of flights.

The spread of viruses and epidemics carries many painful memories for mankind, and at the same time the global economy, which has long suffered heavy losses as a result of the spread of these viruses.

One study estimated annual losses due to epidemics and infectious diseases at $ 500 billion annually, equivalent to 6 tenths of a percentage point of global GDP.

These losses include a decrease in productivity as a result of deaths caused by these epidemics, as well as the high costs incurred by governments to cope with them, as well as a decrease in travel and trade.

There is other research that estimates the costs of these epidemics on the global economy, at $ 6 trillion during the current century.

An example of these losses is the global economy incurred by the SARS virus in 2003, as the virus incurred the world at the time, losses ranging between 60 and 80 billion dollars.

"SARS" also caused China's GDP to drop by 0.5 to 2 percent, in addition to the decrease in the GDP of Southeast Asian countries, by about half a percentage point.

As for the Ebola virus, the economies of West African countries incurred direct losses amounting to more than two billion dollars, as it led to a decrease in the number of employment in Liberia, for example, by about 40 percent, not to mention the decline in exports and the decline of harvest seasons and the costs of disease control.

Other studies have added the social costs of the epidemic to economic burdens, to exceed $ 53 billion.

If we look at the impact of these viruses in the sectors, we find that not all of them are losing from their spread, as drug companies usually benefit from the emergence of these epidemics, which is what we saw on the shares of these companies, which rose with the spread of the virus.

On the other hand, the sectors related to consumer spending are harmed, as people's fear of infection is causing them to retract their travel plans, which harms the travel, tourism, luxury and retail sectors, as well as health insurance.

Today, with the increase in population density and the growth of the number of travelers, this sector will be the biggest affected by the spread of the virus, especially since China became the largest travel market in 2018, where about 150 million Chinese traveled abroad, and their spending reached about 277 billion dollars.

The oil sector is also affected by the spread of the virus. Falling travel and spending means less demand for oil, which ends with additional pressure on crude prices.

The "Goldman Sachs" bank that the new Corona virus may cause the demand for oil to decrease by about 260 thousand barrels per day, which may cause oil prices to drop by about 3 dollars.

High economic costs to the world due to these viruses, but these costs certainly do not mean anything for human health.

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By: Nadeemy Haded

Three people were killed when a tanker plane devoured a fire Thursday while fighting forest fires in the Australian mountain region, the head of the Australian New South Wales state fire service said.

The fire service had previously announced that it had lost contact with the Hercules C-130 plane after two o'clock in the afternoon.

"There do not appear to be any survivors of the plane crash in the annual Monroe area," Service Chief Shin at Tsimmons told reporters in Sydney.

Also Thursday, Canberra Airport was closed due to nearby forest fires, and authorities asked residents south of the Australian capital to search for shelter.

The fires started on Wednesday, but strong winds and high temperatures caused the conditions in the capital to deteriorate.

A second fire broke out near the airport this morning, but it was limited.

"Arrivals and departures will be affected by firefighting operations," the airport administration said in a tweet.

Another tweet from the traffic police said, "Fires are spreading quickly and there are many road closures in the area. Please avoid the area. Local roadblocks are in place."

The authorities have advised residents of some Canberra neighborhoods to seek shelter and have asked others to leave immediately.

Source Sky News

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