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DENVER — Jurors who weighed a Denver radio host’s protestations of innocence against Taylor Swift’s powerful testimony determined Monday that he had groped her during a preconcert photo session in 2013. The six-woman, two-man jury found that the actions of the host, David Mueller, amounted to assault and battery
Joseph Longo, The Associated Press Hollywood actor Roger Smith, who brought glamour to the TV detective genre as a hip private eye on 77 Sunset Strip,died Sunday morning at a Los Angeles hospital after battling a terminal illness. He was 84. Jack Gilardi, who is the agent of Smith’s
Report/Heide Julz According to E.News the famous couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West and her husband with her children left for four days to Bahamas for a rest journey. the news tells that the megastar couple and their two children jetted off to the Bahamas for a four-day beachfront