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Friday, 03 November 2017 03:45

 How to get rid of smoke in kitchen easily ?

By| Heide Julz

      It is a difficult problem for all homes, whether they are rich and have the most luxurious machines that can easily remove smoke, or the poor ones who  has nothing to do except open the windows for a while. In most cases, the smoke remains in place for a long time. Especially in the winter where all the windows are closed because of cold weather!

To overcome this problem we have to remember our old people before there were fans or suction devices or an oil filter over the stove, so what was my grandmother doing in the old?

This is what we will put in your hands today ...


First, to get rid of smoke in the kitchen and we will talk about the poor who can not buy suction device or fan, it should open the window a small part of them so as not to be exposed to the cold but allowed to allow

the passage of air.



Second, cut three or four  lemons into pieces or orange with some aromatic herbs such as basil or lavender. Put in a pot and a liter of water. Put the mixture on the fire until it boils for 30 minutes. What will the lemon and lavender do? ?

The aromatic oils will be released from it and then mixed with the air. At the same time, the rising water vapor from the pot will pull out the surrounding air atoms and release the annoying smokes



Third, another practical method Put a piece of coal on the fire, and after the glow completely lift it and then put drops of lemon oil or any of the herbs oils that you prefer and if you do not find,try  to add the lemon peel

And the orange, it will emit a very nice smell of essential oil lemon peel and at the same time coal has a large capacity to absorb the smells around , will leave you no bad effect of fumes


Fourth: Buy a large piece of sponge and cut it size 10 cm and then put on it the water and then contribute  around the stove on the holder so that the piece of sponge in the level of smoke comes from the pot, the wet sponge will absorb the smoke very quickly will dazzle you.


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