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On Wednesday, Russia recorded the highest daily death toll from the new Coronavirus, on its territory, reaching 135 deaths, bringing the total number of deaths in the country to nearly 3,000.

The total number of infections in Russia due to the Corona virus has exceeded 300,000, while the Covid-19 disease caused by the virus has recovered more than 85,000 people.

Russia has recorded significantly fewer deaths than reported by countries that have experienced a large outbreak of the epidemic, but observers have questioned the official death rate, accusing the authorities of not disclosing the true figures to reduce the scale of the crisis.

Russian health officials attribute the low number, compared to that recorded in the United States and parts of Europe, that Russia only counts deaths caused by the virus.

The authorities also indicate that Russia had more time to prepare a family in hospitals and launch a large-scale screening process to slow the outbreak of the virus, given that it arrived late compared to European countries and the United States.

The official total death toll was 2972, while the number of injuries reached 308 thousand and 705.

For the first time on Wednesday, the number of patients who recovered in Russia in the last 24 hours (9262) exceeded the number of those confirmed confirmed, while the number of injured people has now decreased by 633 cases.

The number of new infections reached 8,864, the lowest daily increase since May 1.

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Michaustin returned to work on Tuesday, after being hospitalized for having Covid-19.

On Wednesday, Michelstein said the new Corona virus outbreak in Russia was entering a more stable phase, while he warned that restrictions should be removed with caution in the 17 regions allowed to take these steps.

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By : Nadeemy Haded


Tottenham Hotspur defender Serge Uriet is in "trouble" with the British authorities, due to a haircut.

Tottenham's English defender, Serge Uriet, posted a picture of him on his personal account on Instagram boasting about his new haircut, which necessitated the opening of an investigation that he did not adhere to the instructions for social divergence during the outbreak of the Corona virus in the emerging epidemic in Britain.

"We are investigating the circumstances and we will deal with the incident as appropriate," Tottenham said in a statement.

Uriet was photographed upon his team's training center on Wednesday, and the club's lineup will begin its training in small groups after obtaining the results of the "Covid-19" virus test from the Premier League.

Orih had twice violated the government's recommendations during the outbreak of the Corona virus pandemic after he went out to run with a friend and did exercises near his fellow London club Frenchman Moussa Sissoko.

Tottenham had previously warned Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho and many of his players of breaking the laws of total isolation in the United Kingdom, after posting pictures of them on social networks while training in a green space in the capital London.

Mourinho was photographed with French Tangoy Ndombele at a training session in a park in the northern suburbs of the capital, where two other players from Tottenham were seen, the Colombian Davinson Sanchez and Ryan Cincinnon running side by side.

Mourinho admitted that he made a mistake and made an apology.

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By : Nadeemy Haded


According to press reports, North Korea will face an alarming food shortage this year due to the measures imposed to contain the emerging Corona virus (Covid 19), which threatens to "another famine" in the isolated communist countries.

According to the newspaper, "South Korea", quoted by the South Korean Ministry of Unity, on Tuesday, the shortage of food in the north may reach 860 thousand tons.

In an effort to manage the crisis, North Korea's state media has called on the country's citizens to increase agricultural production, in order to bridge the shortfall caused by declining imports.

North Korea is facing difficulties in importing due to Western sanctions imposed, due to the nuclear and missile program, as well as the closure of borders due to the outbreak of the Corona epidemic.

An official at the South Korean Unification Ministry stated that the North has had difficulties importing grain since the border was closed in January, in order to fight the epidemic.

Last year, North Korea produced 4.64 million tons of grain, 15 percent less than the 5.5 million tons ceiling it needs to meet the needs of its citizens.

Moreover, North Korea suffers a chronic shortage, estimated at 1 million tons of grain, annually, and it is mostly imported from neighboring and allied China.

On Monday, the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization indicated that countries with fragile diets may suffer crises from the aftermath of the emerging Corona virus.

Experts say that North Korea desperately needs to achieve self-sufficiency until the end of the year, pending the holding of the US presidential elections, especially since Pyongyang is betting that it remains in a strong position against the United States.

Last June, South Korea provided 50,000 tons of rice to North Korea through the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization.

North Korea suffered a prolonged famine between 1994 and 1998, due to various factors ranging from the loss of Soviet support to what was described as "mismanagement", as well as the volatile seasons between floods and droughts.

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By : Nadeemy Haded


US President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that "China's inefficiency" in managing the emerging Corona virus crisis had "killed" a large number of people in the world.

"A fool in China published a statement accusing everyone, with the exception of China, of spreading the epidemic that has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives," Trump wrote in a tweet.

"I would be grateful if you could explain to this fool that China's inefficiency, and nothing else, caused this global mass killing!"

The US President stresses for several weeks that the heavy toll of Covid-19 - which is more than 320,000 deaths in the world - could have been avoided if China acted responsibly since the virus appeared in Wuhan.

A week ago, he threatened to cut all ties with the Chinese giant and confirmed that he did not wish at this time to talk to his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping.

Trump made several accusations against China, including that it had tried to withhold evidence of human-to-human transmission, pressured the World Health Organization not to declare the outbreak of an emergency, refused to share data and samples, and did not allow its scientists to be interviewed and access to its facilities.

China responded on Tuesday, with its Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Legian saying the message was full of slander.

Beijing has accused Trump, who heads the worst-hit country globally, of the epidemic with more than 90,000 deaths recorded, of seeking to "shirk his obligations" toward the organization.

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By : Nadeemy Haded


By:Nadeemy Haded

A recent study on Mars revealed that some mysterious terrain on the surface of the Red Planet may have been caused by an outpouring of mud, not from the outflow of lava-like lava as previously thought.

The study, published in the journal Nature Geosciences, indicated that some mysterious terrain of Mars, which was interpreted as possibly caused by a lava flow, may have been caused by a mud flow.

An international team of researchers reached these conclusions after studying the spread of mud in what is known as the "Martian Chamber" in the Open University in Britain, which simulates conditions based on Mars, according to what reported by AFP.

In the Martian Chamber, the atmospheric pressure is similar to the atmosphere in Mars, that is, it is about 150 times lower than it is on Earth, and the temperatures in it are often below zero.

A statement of the National Center for Scientific Research in France said, "Mud under such conditions behaves like lava and forms many folds."

"The apparent flows of Mars images that we are studying as being caused by lava may also be caused by muddy," said Susan Conway, a researcher at the center.

She added that these mud flows "belonging to millions, or even billions of years," needed "large quantities of water" to form on the surface of Mars.

The researchers said that the flow of dirt under Mars conditions differs in terms of behavior from those on the surface of the Earth, and that includes other calculations, such as the speed of freezing due to low temperatures on the red planet, and forming an icy crust.

Astronomers had previously detected those lava-like structures in pictures taken by NASA satellites, and they believed they originated from ancient volcanic activity on Mars.

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By:Nadeemy Haded

Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Inter Milan plan to play a series of friendly matches, next year, aimed at raising funds for medical facilities in Italy and Spain.

The tripartite tournament has been dubbed the "European Solidarity Cup", and thousands of medical personnel and caregivers are scheduled to receive tickets to attend the matches in honor of their work in the fight against the emerging Corona Virus pandemic.

Match times are to be decided when the 2021 schedule is clear and the fans are allowed to return to the stadiums, the Associated Press reported.

In two parallel steps indicating a return that may be close to the best two football tournaments in the world, the Spanish League players returned to group training on Monday, while their counterparts in England will take the same step on Tuesday.

The Spanish move comes after the German League became the first football league in the world to resume its matches over the weekend.

The Premier League clubs will return to training on Tuesday, after agreeing to allow stakes from "small groups" at the start, while normal training exercises, which include docks, are expected to return next week.

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By:Nadeemy Haded

Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo returned to his Juventus club, Tuesday, for the first time after an absence of nearly 10 weeks, due to the outbreak of the new Corona virus.

After spending a two-week isolation period at his home in Turin, Cristiano Ronaldo himself drove his dark-glass jeep to the Juventus training team's "Continassa".

Ronaldo, 35, is expected to undergo medical and physical exams before joining his colleagues in the training of the old lady's team, according to reports in local newspapers.

Juventus players had returned to their individual training as of May 4, the same day that Ronaldo, who won the golden ball for the best player in the world 5 times, returned to Turin after two months spent in Portugal, according to Agence France-Presse.

It is noteworthy that the Portuguese star had played his last game in the ranks of Juventus when he beat Inter Milan with two goals without charge on March 8, before the Italian league stopped the next day due to the outbreak of the new Corona virus that caused the Covid-19 epidemic, which claimed more lives From 32 thousand people in Italy.

Before the Italian league pauses, the Juventus team, which won the title in the past eight seasons, was ahead of the Lazio capital team by one point in the lead of the domestic league.

Returning to the team’s training headquarters, Ronaldo became the first foreign player among the players who left Italy during the quarantine period to return to the training headquarters.

The Italian League has been hoping that the clubs will resume their group training as of Monday, but the scientific and technical committee has not yet agreed to the health protocol, to announce its decision officially within this week.

The Italian Football Federation also issued a statement, on Monday evening, confirming that all of its competitions will remain suspended until June 14, according to the government decree issued on Monday also in this regard, as Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte indicated that his government needs "more guarantees" before it is given the light Green to resume local league activity.

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