I noticed years ago that if we want to be liked by people, it was very easy to do. We just need to agree with their point of view on social and political issues and a bond is made.

How easily people can be fooled into believing politicians or activists, who are able to talk the same "language" as their "victims". They say what these people want to hear.

This is of course, dangerous and leads gullible and vulnerable people into situations where they think they will be welcomed.

Some people don't even know they are being controlled by others. They are now part of the group. This is a family they probably wished they had had when they were growing up.

Complete acceptance and no one telling them that their opinion is worthless.

This is used by political parties and cult like organisations. So many people are looking for an environment where everyone thinks the same way. They are open to mental manipulation and led into doing the bidding of the group leaders.

Having an open mind and being aware of the possibility that your new friend might not have your best interests at heart, is essential to not getting into a situation where you might not get out of easily.

People with different opinions are not welcome near these groups. The leader or leader's views are never wrong. Anyone who shows the slightest sign of independent thinking, will be under suspicion immediately and will be pushed out, in order that they won't infect the rest of the family ".

This is not anything new. Cults have always been around, but in more recent years they have moved away from the religious type. Politicians have become the new gurus.

Young people don't have any kind of religious history, so they will follow a charismatic political leader.

Hitler and his propaganda genius, Joseph Goebbels, mastered the art of making people believe a lie. In order to have control of the general population, there has to be a common enemy.

These enemies of the state were to be the minority Jewish people in Germany. Blame them for having all the money and financial control over the German people.

In any politically led cult, there has to be no criticism of the leader. The leader cannot be wrong and has to be regarded as being beyond human and is given god like status.

Any person to question this position will be dealt with ruthlessly. In the case of the Nazi regime, this meant torture and death. In a non war situation, non believers will be vilified on social media and cast into the political wilderness.

Although in some countries, the torture and death scenario is still very much an option.

Another way of keeping a cult going is to indoctrinate children. Begin in primary schools and press home the message that the cult are always going to be there for them.

Trying to take over as parents is another important way of taking control of young minds. This is done so openly, the parents will not really notice that their authority is being eroded.

 They think that they are special people because their children have been chosen by their teachers.

The leader will be worshipped in primary schools, by children drawing pictures of the leader, to show when this near deity deigns to visit the school.

 Photographs will be taken by the travelling media group, showing the leader in the middle of a highly polished grinning children, holding up their own drawings of the the great one.

This shows the devotion of the children to their leader and it makes the leader feel even more important. Very dangerous ground.

The adult followers of the cult can't see what is going on, because they are so in thrall of their leader, that nothing which is done or said by this person can be wrong. Even when presented with an obvious lie, they seek to justify it by blaming someone else.


In most cases, that will be the enemy they have decided to have in order to have control of the thinking of the people.

The media has to be cowed into either silence or compliance. This is done by an outpouring of rage by the cult members at any media outlet which dares to criticise the leadership or its decision making.

Eventually the media will be too frightened to investigate even the most blatant of political outrage.

 People who aren't in the cult can see all of this, but because the media on the side of ruling party, they feel helpless and unable to change anything.

This isn't some fantasy. These cults, dressed up as political parties are doing this openly and we are allowing it to happen. This has to stop!

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