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By:Nadeemy Haded

American boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. confirmed that he had entered into negotiations with the mixed martial arts organization "UFC", to conduct two strange contests with fighters Connor McGregor and Habib Nurmadmadov.

Mayzher told a sports journalist that he had negotiated "UFC" about the possibility of Irish connor McGregor and Russian Habib Nurmadmadov, in a single day, according to the "Metro" website.

Mayweather said: "I talked to them about fighting Habib and Connor on the same day. Habib Morning and Connor in the evening."

He defeated Mayweather McGregor in a boxing fight, his last, in August 2017, to reach his 50th victory in his unbeaten run.

Normmohamedov and his father, while working on his team, have previously expressed a desire to fight Mayweather in boxing, where his father said: "We have to face Tony Ferguson at UFC first, then we will enter a boxing camp for 6 months, after which we will be ready."

The father of Habib Nurmadmadov noted that Mayweather had to face his son, because both were not defeated in any battle during their combat career.

Mayweather's fight with McGregor and NurMahmadov could generate huge funds for subscribers and organizers alike, due to the weirdness, Mayweather's reputation and his unbeaten track record.

Source Sky News


Research conducted by a strategic consulting company revealed that Apple smart watches outperformed all Swiss watches combined, in terms of the pieces that were sold during the past year.

The company "Strategi Analytics" announced that Apple sold 32 million watches for the "Apple Watch" type during the past year, while Swiss watch companies sold 21 million pieces during the same year, according to the site "CNN".

Analysts are divided over whether this superiority will "extinction" the Swiss watch industry, with some saying the end is near, while others suggest that certified mechanical watches in Switzerland are still generating more revenue than Apple watches, even if they sell less.

The new report pointed out that Apple watches, which can track levels of fitness and link mobile applications, attract young generations, while Swiss watches are more popular among older people.

Technology analyst Carolina Milanese said that Apple watches have focused on technology, health and a modern look, while Swiss watches are marketed as a luxury brand.

Since the price of Swiss watches equals twice the number of Apple watches, as a general average, where the average hourly price of a Swiss watch is a thousand dollars, while the price of an Apple watch reaches 500 dollars, the profits of Swiss watches combined surpassed Apple last year.

But on the other hand, users are replacing Apple watches more, due to updates to the shape and technology, which may raise Apple's future sales beyond the Swiss watches.

Source Sky News


On its global day ... a strong presence of radio despite technical development

By:Nadeemy Haded

Under the slogan "We are diversity ... we are the radio", the world celebrates the World Radio Day, which was approved by the General Conference of UNESCO at its 36th session on February 13, 2011.

The choice of the date of February 13 to celebrate radio on a global scale dates back to the day when United Nations Radio was established in 1946.

According to "UNESCO", World Radio Day aims to shed light on the status of this primary means of information and communication in the local and global media landscape and international cooperation between the various radio stations in the world.

Despite the great technological development that affected the various media, radio is still strongly present in the media scene, with 85 percent of people around the world listening to the radio, according to the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics in Egypt in a statement.

In a speech marking the celebration of World Radio Day, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said: "Radio is one of the means of communication that contributes to bringing people together."

He added: "In an era when the media is evolving rapidly, the radio maintains a special position within every local community as a source that is easily accessible to obtain important news and information."

"In the midst of our endeavor to achieve sustainable development goals and tackle the climate crisis, radio plays a major role as both a source of information and inspiration," Guterres added.

“On World Radio Day, let us acknowledge the sustainable role it plays in promoting diversity and helping to build a more peaceful and inclusive world,” the UN official concluded.

For her part, Audrey Azoulay, Director-General of UNESCO, said in her message on this occasion: "Radio is a humanitarian medium that contributes to combating prejudice and discrimination, as it calls on listeners to broaden their horizons, discover new perspectives and enhance understanding between cultures."

Source Sky News

Thursday, 13 February 2020 21:11

Castle Journal declares solidarity with China


Dr.Abeer Almadawy announced

Owner and Chairman of the British Castle Journal Group for Press and Information that the group solidarity with China in its current crisis as its sovereignty sent a message to the Chinese people in which it said,

The friend at the time of adversity and the friend when the crisis

The friendly Chinese people are the one who we turn to with all love and pride in his current ordeal, with more solidarity with him, an ancient people and a great civilized nation that radiates the light of knowledge, culture and civilized human glory, and contributes to the modernization of human thought in human civilization, which leads us to bow to China a people and a land far from Respect and appreciation for his steadfastness in his current crisis, and we know that the Chinese nation is able to overcome it and get out safely.

Her Excellency stressed that what is happening is not a health crisis and a deadly virus that hits the nation of a billion, but rather it is a war with a challenge against all evil on earth and this ancient country that has long been marked by resilience, strength, firmness and determination for as long as it defeats all difficulties will survive its crisis.

She asked ?! When the tsunami struck East Asia and earthquakes, the countries of the world stood the world in support of these countries.

Her Excellency considered that striking the country with a deadly virus is no less dangerous than the earthquake and the flood, which requires standing strong with the good country and its people.

At the end of the message, Her Excellency called on the Chinese fans and Chinese and Egyptian friends to stand with China as a nation and wise leadership, and support the Chinese people with a culture of brotherhood and human solidarity, if only in one word.

And I'm with China ... and we're all behind China.


By:Nadeemy Haded

On Thursday, German authorities announced the arrest of a businessman, suspected of delivering equipment to the Russian army, in violation of European Union sanctions against Moscow.

In a statement, the federal prosecutor in Germany stated that the suspect is a German citizen, who is the head of a company based in southern Germany, and was identified only as Alexander S.

According to Reuters, the businessman was arrested, Tuesday in Augsburg, southern Germany, and his apartment and company buildings were searched.

He accused the man of delivering equipment to the military in Russia, and tried to cover up its destination by sending it to fake recipients and issuing false statements about its intended use.

Prosecutors said that seven shipments, with a total value of about eight billion euros, were made between January 2016 and January 2018.

Prosecutors stated that all the tools sent are dual-use goods, that is, they can be harnessed for civilian or military purposes, and therefore it is forbidden to export them to Russia in accordance with European Union rules if they will come into the hands of the army.

On Wednesday, a German judge ordered the man's detention pending possible charges of violating export laws in the European country.

Source agencies

Tuesday, 11 February 2020 20:33

Castle Journal declares solidarity with China

Dr.Abeer Almadawy,

  Owner and Chairman of Castle Journal British Group for Journalism & Media,announced her solidarity with China in its current crisis as its sovereignty sent a message to the Chinese people in which it said;

The true human ,found at the hard  times as well as the friend is being in the crisis.

So ,Castle Journal is affirming its solidarity with

The Chinese people who we are facing the current  crisis bravely .

Her Excellency stressed that what is happening in China from a biological attack is not a health crisis and a deadly virus that hits the nation of a billion,rather than a dirty war .

So our stand up is kindly a challenge against all evil on earth and this ancient country that has long been marked by resilience, strength, firmness and determination for as long as it defeats all difficulties will survive in its crisis.

Abeer Almadawy also asked in her message the world ;

“ When the tsunami struck East Asia and the earthquake in Japan and Haiti ,all the countries of the world supported them up. So what’s the difference between this crisis and  the deadly virus which stroke china specially the infection can round the world which requires strong standing.

At the end of the message, Her Excellency called on the Chinese fans and the world to stand beside China as a nation and wise leadership.

Supporting the Chinese people morally with a culture of humanity and solidarity, is needed now to be only one world.

And I'm with China ...

and we're all behind China.

Writer/Abeer Almadawy

Abeer Almadawy,head of Castle Journal declares the solidarity with China


By:Nadeemy Haded

Mexico suffered 35,588 murders in 2019, a record number, and the village of Ayahualtimba and other thousands of cities was not far from these crimes, so it assigned a militia of children to it.

The Washington Post, in its report from the village of Ayahualtemp, says that no matter who is in power, Mexico remains a country where violence is high.

But violence takes on completely different forms throughout Mexico, a country separated by tribal wars over regional control and leadership. In Culiacan, a mafia who will get the country's security forces fighting with military weapons.

In Ayahualtimba, a village of 600 indigenous people, local police carry old hunting rifles in their war against a powerful drug mafia, known as Los Ardelos, and control a nearby town.

For several years, Ayahualtimba has maintained its own defense forces, dozens of armed men who patrol the village and operate checkpoints, and observation posts on incomplete rooftops.

Self-defense forces are legal in the state of Guerrero, in which the village of Ayahualtimba is located and recognized by the federal government.

But over the past year, the Special Defense Forces, known as CRAC-PF, were in a difficult position, after 26 people were killed in the area that includes Ayahualtimba and 15 other towns.

Last month, gunmen shot 10 musicians from these towns who were traveling to a concert, and they cremated their bodies, among them a 15-year-old boy.

From that moment, the founder of the Special Defense Forces, Bernardino Sanchez Luna, 48, decided with the region's leaders to allow the children to join the force. In recent months, 17 boys dressed in similar shirts joined the force.

Children under the age of 12 carry hand-held rifles, while those under the age of 12 carry working rifles.

"If the government cannot protect them, they should be trained to defend themselves," Sanchez Luna said.

Source agencies

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