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We are all born exactly where we are meant to be born. There are very good reasons for this, which will make sense as we grow older. Some people are groomed for greatness, having been seen to excel in a particular field of interest when quite young. Others have
 Written by|Michael Blair Reading recent news of the European vehicle manufacturers, including Volvo, wanting to phase out internal combustion engines in the next twenty years or so, got me thinking. Volvo, which is now Chinese owned, which gives them a huge advantage over their competitors. China is light years
By Michael Blair Can we put a price on peace? I don't know what that price should be, but it will be a price worth paying. Giving people who have no morals, the power over the lives of people who cannot fight back, is not the way to promote
Written By|Michael Blair There are times when we all think, wouldn’t a revolution be the answer to our government’s incompetence, corruption and naked greed? I mean any government in any country, not just the useless shower of yes men and career boot lickers, we have to suffer. The idea
Written by: Michael Blair Whether these are neighbours living next door, or in the next street, town, city or country, we have to learn how to deal with issues which arise, without resorting to violence. Under our skins, we are all the same. Just ordinary people wanting what is
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