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written by|Michael Blair One could not make this shit up. Seriously. I have never witnessed such political stupidity from so many politicians at the same time. They seem to be on some kind of crusade of destruction, or under the influence of some prohibited substances. I know I have
Writer| MICHAEL J BLAIRPerthshire, Scotland Now the dust is settling on the “final” Brexit document, the landscape is really no clearer than it was before. Apparently the only person in the UK who thinks it’s the best outcome, is Theresa May. This doesn’t bode well for the vote which
Written by|Michael Blair I know politicians have always been"economical" with the truth, but in the last few years, this has apparently become the norm. But there is nothing normal about lying on every subject and question asked of these people. Unfortunately, it has become second nature for them to
written by|Michael Blair Tomorrow I shall return to Scotland from a few days in London the capital of the UK. Not that this is something I haven't done before, but having read about and listened to the naysayers and doom mongers, I really shouldn't be anywhere near this hotbed
written by;Michael Blair During a conversation last evening, I suddenly realised why I had been feeling uncomfortable about some aspects of the endless debate on Scottish independence. The political scene in Scotland is extremely polarised, and subsequently people have taken up positions from which they will not be moved.
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