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By:Nadeemy Haded Bloomberg Network revealed on Monday that the United States Department of Health and Human Services was attacked cyber as the country tries to stem the spread of the Corona virus (Covid 19). And a report attributed to three sources, whose name has not been mentioned, is fully
By:Nadeemy Haded Europe is in amazement, and questions are accelerating. What happens to the health systems on the continent? And how did the immune walls of the emerging corona virus collapse so that most European countries became "exposed" to the deadly disease? The shocking announcement to the Europeans came
By:Nadeemy Haded The new Corona virus entered the world's population on a frightening path, causing panic in more than 100 countries where injuries and deaths appeared, and its effects extended to countries that have not yet seen the disease, and seeks not to be a new name in the
Now that it appears that the Corona virus has been in the UK and probably many ot her places around the world, prior to the initial news that it was affecting China, we have to ask serious questions about who knew what, and when did they know. I was
A paper published online Friday in the New England Journal of Medicine , last Friday. Most of the patient cohort hospitalized in China for COVID-19 did not initially have fever, and many had no radiologic abnormalities... Patients' median age was 47, and 42% were women. Just under one-quarter had
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