Reported by/Simon Jackson -Abeer Almadawy Old story,is a new line of journalism method that serves the most important issues which didn't end yet, as we aren't sure if the serious issue could have a true solution!Our mission is definitely to repeat the story article as it was published before
Written By| Michael Blair Donald Trump appears to be falling apart mentally. It's almost as if the enormity of the job has suddenly hit him, and he cannot cope with the realisation. This of course was something I expected to happen. When I wrote about him before he became
Reported by\Abeer Almadawy Port Sudan Reuters quoted witnesses in Sudan saying that the security forces had dispersed a demonstration on which had launched on Thursday and was confronted by the Sudanese security forces and fired tear gas to disperse the demonstrators Who were trying to appeal to the city
London The Henry Jackson Society's second Audit of Geopolitical Capability report, which assesses the geopolitical capability of the Group of 20 nations plus Nigeria, ranked Australia as the eighth most capable in the world, ahead of India and Russia. According to the report said that Russia was kicked out
WHO Governments in Sub-Saharan Africa have partnered with UNDP to launch the Solar for Health initiative to install solar systems in rural health centres and clinics where surgeries may be carried out by candlelight and where vaccines and medicines can expire without proper temperature regulation. The initiative aims to
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