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Tatyana Golikova, the Russian Deputy Prime Minister, stated that two vaccines against the Corona virus have been developed by two Russian institutions, and it is planned to launch industrial production next September. Golikova said during a press conference today, Saturday: "With regard to the expected dates for the emergence
With the Corona pandemic spreading and the use of alcoholic disinfectants in abundance, social media users have recently circulated, especially in the United States, videos showing explosions inside a number of cars due to hand sanitizer packages. As summer approaches and temperatures rise, fears of similar accidents within cars,
Children have always been a dilemma for doctors with respect to the emerging coronavirus, sometimes they say they are less susceptible to disease and others say there is no difference between small and large for the epidemic. This is a cause of confusion for parents. Should they put their
By:Nadeemy Haded Searches are continuing for a vaccine or antiretroviral treatment for the new Coronavirus, which has killed hundreds of thousands of people and infected more than 4.6 million people worldwide. As the search for a vaccine for the virus that adversely affected global economies continues, other research continues
By:Nadeemy Haded Doctors in Italy have spoken of the first clear evidence linking Covid 19 disease caused by the emerging coronavirus, and a rare and serious disorder that affects autoimmune. An autoimmune disorder is a disorder that affects the immune system while fighting what are believed to be foreign
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