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The health authorities in the Netherlands have announced 134 deaths and more than a thousand new infections with the emerging coronavirus "Covid-19" during the past 24 hours

The Dutch National Institute of Public Health and Environment (RIVM) confirmed in its daily report that the death toll of Corona in the country rose to 1173 deaths, noting that two of the new victims were under the age of 50, for the first time since the epidemic began in the country.

During the last 24 hours, the Ministry recorded 1019 new cases of the virus, bringing the total number of people infected to 13,614.

Source: NLTimes


In a sharp change of tone for the Corona virus, US President Donald Trump has described the epidemic as perhaps the worst of what the United States has experienced in its history, calling on citizens to prepare for "tough weeks."

Trump said, during a press conference held at the White House on Tuesday, that he wanted every American to prepare for "difficult days ahead of us," and that the coming period would be "of the most severe two or three weeks in US history," adding: "We will lose thousands of citizens." ".

Trump acknowledged that he was well aware from the start that there was a possibility that the virus could kill thousands of Americans, but he preferred not to divulge this information and intentionally underestimate the severity of the epidemic, justifying this position by saying that he "does not want to be a pessimist" and seeks to "send hope in The souls of citizens. "

The working group on fighting Corona at the White House presented during the conference shocking new estimates that the best scenarios for the outbreak of Corona are the death of between 100,000 and 240,000 people in the United States due to the virus.

Working group coordinator Deborah Perks noted that the worst-case scenario was that 1.5-2.2 million Americans had already died from the epidemic, but he was not mindful of efforts to impede the outbreak of the virus through social divergence measures that were extended until April 30.

Pyrex expressed the White House’s conviction that it will be able to reduce the expected losses significantly thanks to these measures.

Commenting on these figures, Trump stated that the death toll of 100,000 victims would be low under these scenarios, saying: "When I first saw these numbers, they told me it was not likely that we would be able to achieve that. We'll see what comes, but I think we will achieve Better results than this. "

The US President called on citizens to unite their efforts in this way and strictly abide by the directives of the government, describing this as a "matter of death and life."

Trump rejected the criticism of New York Governor Andrew Como and the rulers of several other states affected by the epidemic about the local hospitals not having enough respirators to treat people with corona, stressing that the federal government maintains reserves of 10,000 of these devices and intends to distribute them to the affected states before the peak of the virus.

And Trump added that his administration does not intend to distribute these medical devices now, saying: "This is like keeping oil reserves."

The United States currently tops the list of the largest corona virus foci in the world in terms of the number of infections recorded with 189,633 infections and 4,081 deaths.

Source: AP + Business Insider


Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov revealed that President Vladimir Putin has changed the way of extradition, is refraining from shaking hands, and is practicing telecommuting as much as possible.

This came in response to a press question about whether Putin and all who visited him a week ago, the "Communarca" hospital for treating Corona patients in Moscow, will be subjected to self-isolation, after it was later revealed that the chief doctor of this hospital, Denis Protinsko, had contracted the virus.

"Of course, we take precautions, avoid meetings and try to work as far away as possible. And I tell you on behalf of the president: You see that he also seeks these days to do everything remotely," Peskov said.

Peskov admitted that the rule for conducting a corona revelation test for all of whom Putin meets, was not adhered to during his hospital visit, and said: "We do not know if Dr. Protenko was examined (before that), because he was not already aware of the president's visit," wishing the doctor Speedy recovery.

Earlier, Piskov confirmed that President Putin is undergoing periodic medical tests for the Coronavirus, stressing that his health is good.

Source: "Interfax"


The President of the Russian Republic of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, has announced the closure of the administrative, land and air borders of the republic, with effect from April 5, as part of measures to prevent the spread of the "Covid-19" virus.

Kadyrov announced, in a speech broadcast on his page on "Instagram" today, Wednesday, the suspension of air and land transport to and from Chechnya completely after the fifth of April, with the exception of food and medical supplies, adding that the local authorities will then launch sanitation measures in the villages, towns and cities of the republic.

Kadyrov said: "Everyone who wants to enter or leave the republic in the near future must do so before April 5th, and after this date we will not allow anyone to enter. The talk is about the safety of my people and my republic and decisive measures must be taken in these circumstances."

He expressed the authorities' readiness to provide all possible assistance and assistance to those wishing to enter or leave the republic before the said date.

He added that everyone who will need to leave Chechnya urgently after the borders are closed will have to submit a request to the operating room for fighting against the Corona virus in the republic, and these requests will be considered individually and emergency evacuations will be organized using charter planes.

The operations room will also grant licenses to officials who must leave and return to the republic within the framework of performing their duties.

This came after the registration of the first death due to corona in the Republic, and ten cases of the epidemic.

Source: Novosti


Written by: - ​​Ahmad Makled

Doctor of Philosophy in Education, Art Education

Exclusive to the Castel newspaper

At the beginning of the profession of plastic art we must clarify the concept of design and its foundations and elements where the designer performs a work of art drawn from the elements of the surrounding natural environment or various ancient arts or the use of some engineering shapes and some artistic stimuli to extract elements or units (motifs) and formulated in an organized image Through some of the higher mental processes associated with the visual and cognitive culture, and creatively, design formulations are implemented by the traditional method and by hand tools or through the use of graphic design by computer programs for different design magazines. To design in a functional way that brings benefit or aesthetic brings psychological comfort and happiness or it may be aesthetic functional and thus fulfills the need for a human being both utilitarian and aesthetic at the same time. Examples include (advertisement design, book cover, artwork, personal cards, etc.).

When we use these elements perfectly and according to the principles of design, harmony and harmony occur within the artwork that is being executed, and the design elements can be likened to the materials used in construction such as: sand - iron - cement ... etc., and the technical design elements are: point - line - shape - Area or space - texture - color, and the design can be built with those elements or vocabulary through methods and methods that have been described in the foundations of the design. Repetition - symmetry. There are two ways that design can be implemented. First: the two-dimensional design (it is concerned with the field of two-dimensional shapes where the various elements within the space are organized taking into account the visual harmony to produce meaningful and innovative work). Second: The three-dimensional design (it differs from the two-dimensional design in its embodiment of the shapes in which the ease of seeing and the sense of the material becomes clear, and therefore it is less complicated than the two-dimensional design that is seen on the space without space. The three-dimensional designer is able to form a mental vision of the shape As a whole, from all directions until the shape is formed in the mind as if it were in your hands, and its perception must not be confined to one or two angles, but it must work through playing with mass and space).

In the end, I hope that you will continue your effective follow-up and inform me of your desires regarding what you want to discuss from specialized technical topics, and I cannot deny the importance of these articles to clarify the skills of implementing artworks, how to start formulating design and the means of implementation. Because of the different methods of implementation, materials and methods of dealing with them, and with us you will feel the difference because the subjects of this series will make you master different fields of plastic art and make you provide alternative solutions for implementation at the lowest financial cost. The next will relate to the practical implementation of artwork.


By:Nadeemy Haded

Neil Ferguson, professor of sports biology at Imperial College in London, said on Monday that there are signs that the Corona epidemic is receding in Britain, and that antibody checks may be ready within days.

Ferguson told the BBC, "We believe the epidemic is in the process of slowing down now in Britain."

Britain, the fifth largest economy in the world, had initially taken modest measures to contain the spread of the disease that were less than other European countries such as Italy, but Prime Minister Boris Johnson imposed strict restrictions after it showed expectations that the number of deaths could reach a quarter of a million Britons .

On Friday, Johnson became the first leader of a major power to claim he was infected with Corona and is now being quarantined at the Prime Minister's Residence.

Ferguson said that a third or perhaps 40 percent of cases do not show symptoms, adding that the disease may have affected between two percent and three percent of the population of Britain, and warned that the data are not sufficient or accurate enough to draw certain results.

The biology professor added that the antibody tests are in the final stages before they are launched and may be ready for use within "days, not weeks."

According to officials yesterday, the data indicate that 1228 people died of the virus in Britain until 8:00 GMT on March 29, and that the tests had included 127737 individuals in the country, and that 19522 people were infected with the virus, and the results of the examination of 108,215 people were negative.

Source agencies


By:Nadeemy Haded

South Korean President Moon Jae-in said that his country will provide emergency cash assistance to most families, and will prepare a second supplementary budget next month in an effort to reduce the economic impact of Corona.

Moon said, after an emergency meeting with economic policy makers, that "emergency payments to mitigate the disaster" amounting to one million won ($ 816) will be provided to all families, except for the higher-income families, which account for 30 percent.

Moon pointed out that he will prepare another additional budget to be submitted to Parliament for approval in April, and that some small and medium-sized companies will be exempt from paying partial bills for insurance and utilities.

He added, "It is essential that the government maintains as much financial strength as possible to prepare for an economic shock without end in sight and to respond quickly to insecurity in the labor market and any potential liquidity crisis for companies."

The new package is the latest in a series of steps the government has recently taken to ease pressure on Asia's fourth largest economy.

Previous measures included an interest rate cut and a supplementary budget of 11.7 trillion won ($ 9.54 billion), raising the ceiling of currency futures centers for banks, and a corporate rescue package with a total value of 100 trillion won ($ 81.6 billion).

(USD = 1225.9 won)

Source: Reuters

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