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Researchers said, Thursday, that scientists from the University of Oxford in Britain have developed a rapid test for Covid-19 that is able to detect the Corona virus in less than 5 minutes, indicating that it can be used in tests that target large numbers at airports and companies. The
The doctors of the US President, Donald Trump, said that he recovered from the emerging corona virus, after receiving a mixture of Regeneron, but what does this medicine contain? The Colorado Medical University website stated that the laboratory-designed treatment is based on antibodies. He added that the drug, which
Russian Health Minister Mikhail Murashko said today, Wednesday, that the situation with the new Corona virus in Russia, is still tense. He stated that the country's residents do not abide by all instructions for disease prevention. The minister added, "We see that the situation today is still tense, indeed
Doctor Reem Abdul-Malik, a specialist in bacterial diseases, warned against taking nutritional supplements randomly, as they contribute to combating Corona virus. According to the Nessma channel website, Abdul-Malik stated that all medicines, including nutritional supplements, could pose a risk to human health if they are not taken in the
Facebook announced that it will start blocking ads that discourage people from vaccination, and that it has launched a new media campaign for influenza vaccination. The company said that "advertisements that support or oppose legislation or government policies about vaccines, including the (Covid-19) vaccine, will remain permitted." She noted
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