IPhone users are eagerly awaiting the month of October, until the new devices are announced, but they may find themselves required to pay "exorbitant prices", according to what has been revealed by leaks in the field of technology.

According to the "New York Post" newspaper, the upcoming "iPhone 12" phones will be equipped with the fifth generation network of communications, which means ensuring speed and responsiveness for advanced users, compared to the "LTE" system adopted at the present time.

And since the company "Apple" will introduce three phones of varying features, the most advanced will be the only one with the fifth generation network.

The reason behind this is that the iPhone, which reaches a surface area of ​​6.7 inches, is the only one that will be able to install the antenna capable of receiving the fifth generation waves.

As for the remaining two "iPhone 12" phones, they will be provided with speeds that exceed the "LTE" system, but they will not be able to receive the fifth generation waves.

Apple did not announce anything about the price of the upcoming phones, but the iPhone Pro Max price starts at $ 1099 at the moment.

Some technical reports indicated that the company "Apple" may remove some of the equipment that usually comes with the new phone box, such as headphones.

And Apple has been putting two free headphones on every iPhone since the device was first introduced in 2007.

And previous leaks revealed that the price of the "iPhone 12" phone will start from $ 749, while the "iPhone 12 Plus" will reach $ 1099, while the "iPhone 12 Pro Max", the most expensive at all, will be $ 1199.

The company asked its partners to produce at least 75 million units of the anticipated iPhone phones, and the number is expected to reach 80 million this year.

Source: Agencies

By:Nadeemy Haded

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