By:Nadeemy Haded

Neil Ferguson, professor of sports biology at Imperial College in London, said on Monday that there are signs that the Corona epidemic is receding in Britain, and that antibody checks may be ready within days.

Ferguson told the BBC, "We believe the epidemic is in the process of slowing down now in Britain."

Britain, the fifth largest economy in the world, had initially taken modest measures to contain the spread of the disease that were less than other European countries such as Italy, but Prime Minister Boris Johnson imposed strict restrictions after it showed expectations that the number of deaths could reach a quarter of a million Britons .

On Friday, Johnson became the first leader of a major power to claim he was infected with Corona and is now being quarantined at the Prime Minister's Residence.

Ferguson said that a third or perhaps 40 percent of cases do not show symptoms, adding that the disease may have affected between two percent and three percent of the population of Britain, and warned that the data are not sufficient or accurate enough to draw certain results.

The biology professor added that the antibody tests are in the final stages before they are launched and may be ready for use within "days, not weeks."

According to officials yesterday, the data indicate that 1228 people died of the virus in Britain until 8:00 GMT on March 29, and that the tests had included 127737 individuals in the country, and that 19522 people were infected with the virus, and the results of the examination of 108,215 people were negative.

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