By:Nadeemy Haded

British scientists said recently that they have uncovered a characteristic of the emerging coronavirus (Covid 19), which can make it easier for the human body to overcome it in the future.

Researchers from Southampton University said that the virus is not very strongly immune to the immune system, and this is very encouraging, they say.

Scientists have developed a model of the virus that causes disease (Covid 19), to see how it is hidden so that it can reach the cells of the body, without being detected.

The results showed that bodies similar to "thorns" hanging from the surface of the virus, and through this property, they adhere to the cells and then enter them into the human body.

The researcher, Max Crispin, who is the academic supervising the study, explained that these "thorns" are covered with sugar substances known as "clikans".

It is these sugars that hide the vital protein in the virus, so that it is difficult for the human immune system.

The British researcher likened the process of masking the Corona virus to a wolf disguised as a sheep so that it could sneak into the center of the herd.

The academic added that the most important finding of the study is that "regardless of the amount of sugars surrounding the virus, the Corona virus is not protected and immune like some other viruses."

For example, the researcher cited the HIV virus that leads to HIV infection, saying that it constantly eludes the immune system and takes a strong membrane of glycans to protect itself.

And he added, "But in the case of Corona, it can be said that the virus has only a weak film of these sugars, and this matter reveals that it is the type that attacks and then escapes, so it is transmitted from one person to another."

Although the virus has infected nearly a half and a half million people so far, researchers say that the study, conducted recently, gives some optimism.

The reason for this optimism is that the weakening of the membrane of the Corona virus is the absence of a major barrier to the immune system until it is overcome by antibodies.

This scientific disclosure is a good news for the bodies that are developing a vaccine against the virus that has killed tens of thousands around the world, and has paralyzed the economy and imposed restrictions on the movement of billions of people.

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