Reported by Dr. Abdul Rahim Rehan

A new study by Dr. Hana Saad El-Tantawy Archaeological at the Ministry of Antiquities under the title "Obstetrics and Gynecology in Ancient Egypt" confirmed that the ancient Egyptian known family planning through many prescriptions used by women to kill sperm which leads to temporary sterility in women

Dr. Hana Saad Al-Tantawi pointed out that the ancient Egyptian doctor knew everything related to the reproductive system of women during pregnancy and childbirth and the person who diseases the uterus and breast and treat them and found out whether the woman will be born or not using garlic, by placing a garlic clove in the woman's vagina, , If the smell of garlic from her mouth, she will give birth, and if it does not show the smell of garlic, it will not give birth, because garlic contains volatile oils called (Alysin) The old Egyptian found that each opening in the body of women connected to the other, these volatile oils enter the cervix To the uterus to the fallopian tube and then to the peritoneal cavity If the smell of garlic in the mouth means that the tubes of the fallopian tube and can reproduce, and if not smell garlic, it means that the tubes fallopian tube is blocked, and that this woman Can not give birth, which is now known as pigmentation

Dr. Hana Saad Al-Tantawi explained that the old Egyptian succeeded in knowing the type of the fetus by placing the urine of the pregnant woman on barley and wheat to know the type of embryo starting from the fourth month. If barley grows, the baby will be male and if the wheat grows, the female will be born and if they do not grow, Experience shows that the ancient Egyptian knew that the pregnant woman's urine had hormones.

The study pointed out the ancient Egyptian knowledge of the poisoning of pregnancy, motherhood, artificial excision, cesarean delivery, and the proper condition of natural birth in order to facilitate birth and reduce pain, and that the famous Ankh sign (key of life) is a representation of the sperm infiltration of the egg. Greek and Roman "Mamizi" There are Mamizi Temple of Phila, the temple of Edfu and the temple of Dandra and pictures of the birth chair in the temple of Kom Ombo

She also explained that the ancient Egyptian knew anesthesia and bang. They were the first to use the acupuncture anesthesia, which is what is now called the Chinese needle. Thus, the ancient Egyptian discovered the presence of the nerves under the skin directly. This is confirmed by the modern science. It also used surgical threading and was made from the intestines of the cat. Precise conveyors Surgical images on the temple walls of Kom Ombo have also been identified as fetal status by finding a mummy in fetal position

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