By: Nadeemy Haded

India, which is building its first manned "Gaghanian" spacecraft, is to create a national astronaut training center.

The head of the Indian Space Research Institute, Dr. Kayla Svadivo Sewan, said that the center will be ready after 3 years in Chalakir, South Karnataka State.

India announced in January 2019 the establishment of the Manned Space Flight Center. His laboratories were first supposed to be based in Bangalore, then a decision was made to transfer him to Chalakir.

"We want to create a center that in the future can conduct all kinds of exercises along the lines of our space crew in Russia today," said Kayla Svadivo Syoan. He explained that he expected the center to become an institution that coordinates all operations related to manned space flight, including training of astronauts, designing their rescue systems and ensuring their survival in cosmic space.

He added that the cost of establishing the center amounted to 27 billion Indian rupees (equivalent to about 380 million dollars).

It is noteworthy that the Indian Space Research Institute reported in early 2020 that 4 Indian astronauts, as personnel of the manned Indian spacecraft, will receive a course at the Russian Astronaut Training Center (City of Stars). In the third week of January.

As for the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, he announced in 2018 that his country will launch in 2022 the first Indian manned spacecraft "Gaghanyan"

Source: Tass

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