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A recent study on Mars revealed that some mysterious terrain on the surface of the Red Planet may have been caused by an outpouring of mud, not from the outflow of lava-like lava as previously thought.

The study, published in the journal Nature Geosciences, indicated that some mysterious terrain of Mars, which was interpreted as possibly caused by a lava flow, may have been caused by a mud flow.

An international team of researchers reached these conclusions after studying the spread of mud in what is known as the "Martian Chamber" in the Open University in Britain, which simulates conditions based on Mars, according to what reported by AFP.

In the Martian Chamber, the atmospheric pressure is similar to the atmosphere in Mars, that is, it is about 150 times lower than it is on Earth, and the temperatures in it are often below zero.

A statement of the National Center for Scientific Research in France said, "Mud under such conditions behaves like lava and forms many folds."

"The apparent flows of Mars images that we are studying as being caused by lava may also be caused by muddy," said Susan Conway, a researcher at the center.

She added that these mud flows "belonging to millions, or even billions of years," needed "large quantities of water" to form on the surface of Mars.

The researchers said that the flow of dirt under Mars conditions differs in terms of behavior from those on the surface of the Earth, and that includes other calculations, such as the speed of freezing due to low temperatures on the red planet, and forming an icy crust.

Astronomers had previously detected those lava-like structures in pictures taken by NASA satellites, and they believed they originated from ancient volcanic activity on Mars.

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