Source|America- CGTN China ,the first foot who landed by spacecraft on the Moon’s far side... China achieves historic first landing on far side of the moon... By these titles all the newspapers who cares with the space news highlighted its big covers for the new discovery in the far
January 3, 2019Changing of the climateOn January 1, 2019, new international standards on the phased reduction of the consumption of hydrofluorocarbons - gases, which cause a strong warming, came into force. This is the Kigal Amendment to the Montreal Protocol. To date, this new document has been ratified by
Mammals like humans lose their ability to smell with age. Researchers have now investigated why this happen. For the analysis, the researchers followed the stem cell development in the brain of mice with so-called confetti reporters. Disorders of the sense of smell impair the quality of life A few
German-Luxembourg New test detects a meat allergy more clearly The bite into a juicy steak – for many people the epitome of a delicious meal, for some, however, the meat consumption can be a health horror trip. The so-called alpha-gal syndrome describes an allergic reaction that occurs two to
New York City: Twitter said it was investigating unusual traffic that might be from state-sponsored hackers and, in what appeared to be an unrelated issue, a security firm said hackers used the platform to try to steal user data. Shares have fallen almost seven per cent on the news.
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