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By: Nadeemy Haded While the idea of ​​living on the moon appears to be a form of science fiction, many space agencies, including NASA and the Ross Cosmos Foundation, are racing to make it a reality. One scientist revealed what he thought would be lunar cities over the next
By: Nadeemy Haded According to the Russian news agency "TASS" that Russia deployed radar "Resonance-N", during the month of November, in the archipelago "Novaya Zemlya", and is working to put it on combat alert. The radar will be able to detect ballistic targets as well as cruise missiles, hypersonic
According to a report published by NASA's chief inspector, Paul Martin, that the United States spent about $ 3.9 billion, the price of 70 seats to travel in the vehicles "Soyuz" Russian The report pointed out that during the past 20 years ago launched to the International Space Station
NASA has offered a preliminary version of its first fully electric experimental aircraft, the X-57 Maxwell, at an aerospace laboratory in the California desert. The aircraft, based on the Italian twin-engine Technum B 2006 T, is being developed since 2015 and is still at least a year away from
 The Spanish judiciary considered the dismissal of an accounting at a hotel in the Canary Islands for "technical reasons" to be replaced by an information program, "arbitrary". The labor court in Las Palmas said that "the termination of the contract of an employee of an international tourism company is
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