Do you ask yourself one day if your length is the reason behind your behavior or not ? Why people used to laugh on jokes about short people who are cunning and connected with various behaviors of violence.! Actually who answers this question is a Study conducted by the
Washington / Anatolia NASA has announced the landing of the spacecraft Insight on Mars to explore the interior of the Red Planet.The Associated Press quoted the flight observers as saying that the Insight vehicle landed on the planet's surface Monday after a dangerous landing across the Martian sky.The source
Reported by|Christian Megan Michelle Bachelet,the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights,has warned that The human rights of millions of people are challenging the climate change as it threats the principles of life on the planet.Bachelet - in a statement ahead of an international climate change meeting next month,said
Reported by|Abeer Almadawy Astronomy is one of the ancient sciences upon which all civilizations depended. Egypt had the beginning and the honor of progress and development in this important scientific field. The ancient Egyptian civilization provided the world and the successive civilizations with the most important principles of astronomy
Reported by ; Abeer Almadawy Sharm El-Shaikh The 14th International Conference on Biodiversity is opened today in Sharm El Sheeh city with attendance the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Abdul Fattah Al Sisi The opening of the conference starts with when Mexico's Ambassador in Egypt, Jose Octavio,
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