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The Indian Ministry of Defense announced today, Monday, that India and the United States have signed a military agreement to share satellite data, which will strengthen the strategic relations between the two countries. The agreement will allow India access to topographic, maritime, aviation and airspace data in order to
The Information and Mass Communication Office of the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that the third navigation satellite of the new generation "GLONASS-К" has reached its scheduled orbit. It is reported that the satellite "GLONASS-" was launched at 22.08 on Sunday, October 25, from Plesetsk Space Airport by the
Experts expect the psychological repercussions of the emerging corona virus to lower birth rates and make the period of celibacy longer. The British newspaper "Daily Mail" said that experts from the United States reviewed 90 studies to help them predict "post-Corona" times and how "Covid-19" could change social behaviors.
A team of German scientists managed to record the shortest time interval ever, which helped them measure the time it takes for a molecule of light to pass through only one molecule of hydrogen. According to CNBC, this very short interval took 247 "zeptoseconds", and what is known in
The "Snapchat" application unveiled a new feature that competes with "Instagram" and "Tik Tok", for users of iOS devices. The application stated in an online blog that "Snapchat" users on iOS devices will be able to add music clips to the clips that they shoot and publish. The application
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