The NHL Hockey League has become the first major professional championship in the United States to confirm the resumption of the season, which was halted two and a half months ago by the outbreak of the new Corona virus, but without specifying a date or place to return.

The NBA was the first major tournament in the United States to suspend the season on March 11, after it was found that a French Utah jazz player, Rudi Goubert, had been hit by "Covid 19", and then the other leagues announced the next day.

After two and a half months of hiatus, the Hockey League confirmed officially that it would resume the season, with the transition to the playoffs exclusively, and raised the number of teams participating in these roles to 24, that the matches take place behind closed doors in two cities.

In a video released on Tuesday, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman confirmed the tournament's resumption, but "fans have to wait a bit to find out when and where to return after obtaining the green light from the authorities."

Batman said that 10 cities are expected to host the knockout stages, including 7 Americans: Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Minneapolis and Pittsburgh, in addition to 3 Canadian women who are Toronto, Vancouver and Edmonton (7 Canadian clubs participate in the championship out of 31).

Batman revealed that the League has put together a long list of candidate cities in order to maintain the flexibility of the schedule, explaining: "We did not want to find ourselves booked. We do not want to go to a place where there is a lot of Covid 19 disease, or we do not want to go to a place that does not We can take the test we need "in order to make sure we don't have the Coronavirus.

"There will be extensive testing. They must be widely available without obstructing local needs," he said.

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By ... Nadeemy Haded

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