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The Krntner diocese Gurk is almost 1000 years old, due to the estate and real estate, the diocese is one of the richest in Austria. Until July, Bishop Alois Schwarz was in office there for 17 years, before moving to St. Plten as successor to Klaus Kng.

There has been a long history of allegations against Schwarz. He is said to have entrusted his close associate Andrea Enzinger with the education center and the adjoining hotel and covered financial shortages.

His interim successor, cathedral provost Engelbert Guggenberger, now published the "System Schwarz". Schwarz had been in a dependency relationship with Enzinger. He was determined by her goodness and her moods. "Thus, the office and the church was harmed for years, which has burdened especially priests and staff very much," said Guggenberger, which combines a long-standing opposition with black.

Through his life, the bishop was impaired in his administration and because of had been extortionable to his Zlibatsverpflicht reported Guggenberger. When anonymous letters appeared, the bishop reportedly hired an ex-secret service chief to find the authors.

In recent years, the diocese has written losses, and in 2017 it was almost two million euros. Finally, auditors were used. The result should have been published in the previous week, but the church harbored the mantle of silence: The Bishops' Congregation in Rome prohibited a publication by directives. Schwarz then explained that the result of the examiners was absolved of all charges.

For Guggenberger, the limit had been exceeded. He feels obligated to his conscience, he said yesterday, exposing the report. According to this, the educational center under Enzinger's leadership wrote red numbers. The dazugehrende hotel was not even 50 percent busy. On the other hand, the cost of employees in the hotel increased by 25 percent and in the education center by 60 percent within two years. This is partly due to a high turnover of staff due to the poisoned working environment. Under Enzinger fear and bullying prevailed, she was unpredictable and incompetent, says the report. Attendance numbers are said to have been faked.


Schwarz changed the statutes as bishop. The balance sheet was no longer controlled by accountants. The advisory board did not have to be brought in as before at 100,000 euros, but only in the event of revocations or loans of one million euros.

All these changes were made by Guggenberger now back again. Compensation claims against Black are made. Against Enzinger, which has already been terminated, a complaint was filed on suspicion of unfaithfulness. There was no reaction from Schwarz and the top of the church

Scandals in the Catholic Church

Former disciples of Cardinal Hans Hermann Groer (1986-1995 at the head of the Archdiocese of Vienna) reported being sexually abused or abused by him , In August 1995, Groer resigned.

In 2004, the St. Plötner Bishop Kurt Krenn was dismissed from office. The allegations related to child pornography in his area of ​​responsibility, the St. Pltener seminary. In 2010, numerous allegations of abuse were known, which mainly concerned the private grammar school of the monastery Mehrerau.

In Upper Austria there was a massive protest in 2009 against the appointment of Gerhard Wagner as auxiliary bishop. Wagner then did not accept the post.

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