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The Roman Congregation of the Congregation has classified removal of the uterus to prevent pregnancy under certain conditions as morally permissible.

If the uterus is irreversibly in a state in which reproduction is no longer possible, and if there is one pregnancy, from a medical point of view would certainly lead to a miscarriage, the removal of the organ is allowed. In this case, it is not an impermissible sterilization, according to a statement of the Vatican on Thursday by Kathpress.

Pope explicitly agreed 

The statement of the faith authority signed by Prefect Luis Ladaria with the express consent of Pope Francis the date 10 December 2018. It complements a previous decision of 1993. This had declared the prevention of possible high-risk pregnancies by removal of the uterus (hysterectomy) or a separation of the fallopian tubes (tubal ligation) inadmissible. This is a form of "direct sterilization."

The same letter from 1993, which continues to maintain its "full validity," states that removal of the womb is morally permissible only if "a serious current danger to the uterus." Life or the Health of the Mother "

A commentary on the new report states that the difference in the situation is that it is not" more or less difficulties or risks "of pregnancy, but rather" reversion. " a couple for whom reproduction is not possible ". Since "the birth of a living fetus is not biologically possible", the operative intervention "can not be considered as anti-procreative", ie not as a form of contraception.

Sterilization remains inadmissible

"The inadmissibility of sterilization lies in the No to the child, "said the Congregation for the Faith. On the other hand, the removal of reproductive organs which are incapable of delivering a pregnancy can not be described as direct sterilization; sterilization in itself remains "inadmissible as a goal and as a means".

The Congregation's response to the question submitted does not mean that removal of the uterus in such a case is "always the best possible" solution, but only that it is a morally permissible decision. Other options, such as resorting to barren periods or total austerity, are not excluded.

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Thursday, 03 January 2019 23:57

Sex abuse, cover-ups undermined Church

(ANSA) - Vatican City, January 3 -

Clerical sex abuse of minors and cover-ups have seriously undermined the credibility of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis said in a letter to US bishops on Thursday.

    "The credibility of the Church has been strongly called into question and debilitated by these sins and crimes, but especially by the desire to dissimulate and hide, which has generated a greater feeling of insecurity, mistrust and lack of protection in the faithful," he said.

    "The attitude of covering up, as we know, far from helping to resolve the conflicts, has allowed them to perpetuate themselves and to wound more deeply the fabric of relations which today we are called to treat and mend."

Francis said that the fight against abusement "demands a conversion in our minds", in the way "we pray, manage power and money, live authority, and relate between the world and ourselves".
    He aid "the fight against the culture of abuse, the wound of credibility, and the dismay, confusion and discredit in our mission demand, and demand from us, a new and decisive attitude to resolve the conflict".

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The Grand Imam of the Al-Azhar Al-Sharif Sheikh Ahmed Al-Tayeb telephoned the Pope of the Catholic Church on Monday evening to congratulate His Holiness by Christmas and on the occasion of the 82nd birthday of the Pope.

Sheikh Al-Azhar expressed his sincere wishes to His Holiness the Pope and all the Christian brothers in the world on the occasion of the birthday of Jesus Christ. He also congratulated the Pope on his eighty-second birthday and called on God to protect him and prolong his life for good, love and peace.

For his part, Pope Francis thanked the Grand Imam for this beautiful gesture, which expresses a sincere man who bears sincere love in his heart, and he is happy to renew his meeting with Sheikh Al-Azhar in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates soon.

"Make sure that I always pray for you, and I thank you very much for your sincere love."

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