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US media reported that an Alaska Airlines plane had to return to its take-off airport, after one of the passengers on board became aggressive and threatened to kill all other passengers. According to the "businessinsider" Alaska Airlines flight (422) departed from Seattle-Tacoma Airport after 11 pm local time, heading
He urged the Vice-President of the Russian Security Council, former Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev, not to "suspend all sins" of the World Health Organization, considering it an important element in the fight against the Corona virus. "This platform is necessary to fight the epidemic caused by the coronavirus," Medvedov
The Ukrainian authorities did not exclude the continuation of the quarantine in the capital Kiev because of the outbreak of the Corona virus, a year and a half, if the infection rates continue at the same current rate. The head of the Governmental Authority for Consumer Protection, Oleg Ruban,
Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for the Russian president, said that the pen used by Vladimir Putin is not an information guide, but rather for writing with it, and nothing more, commenting on the growing interest in this pen. Peskov commented on the journalists' questions about whether the Kremlin pays
The British government announced today, Tuesday, that it will not use any communications equipment owned by the Chinese company "Huawei" to build 5G networks in the country by the year 2027. The British National Security Council, headed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, decided to ban the acquisition of the
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