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In a quick move to the case of British spy Matthew Hedges in the United Arab Emirates, where he was detained  on charges of spying ... The Court of Appeal of Abu Dhabi in a session sentenced on Wednesday to life imprisonment for the British Matthew Hedges, 31, after being convicted of spying on the UAE And to provide sensitive security and intelligence information to third parties.

The court also ruled that he would be expelled from the country after the execution of the sentence and the costs of the case were confiscated and all seizures of equipment, tools, research and studies were confiscated. The convicted person has the right to challenge the sentence before the State Security Department of the Federal Supreme Court within a maximum period of 30 days.

The prosecution had earlier referred the suspect, Matthew Hedges, a British national, to the Abu Dhabi Court of Appeal for trying the charges against him for seeking and communicating for the benefit of a foreign state, which would damage the country's military, political and economic status.

According to the Public Prosecutor's Office, the accused was referred to trial on the basis of legal evidence resulting from the judicial investigations conducted by the Public Prosecution under full guarantees of the rights of the accused during the course of such investigations in accordance with the UAE Constitution and the laws of the State.

The Attorney-General said that the verdict issued today is not a final judgment, as the defendant may appeal to the Federal Supreme Court and the appeal of his re-trial again, including the examination of evidence against him and all aspects of his defense and listen to him and his lawyer, one of the most important guarantees of justice trials in the United Arab Emirates United Nations in accordance with its Constitution and its laws.

British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said in a statement:

"The issue of Matthew Hiddigues was raised at the highest levels of the UAE government, including during my visit to Abu Dhabi on November 12. I spoke with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed and Foreign Minister Abdullah Bin Zayed. "

Matthew Hedges , a PHD  student at Durham University in Britain, was arrested on May 5 in Dubai. The UAE says he was brought under the guise of an academic researcher for the purpose of spying and on behalf of a foreign country.

Source|  Emirates Today Newspaper

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