MOSCOW - The Russian military has successfully tested key elements of the S-500 air defense missile system in Syria, the daily Izvestia reported Wednesday.

Citing sources in the Russian Defense Ministry and the military-industrial complex, the newspaper said the tests revealed a number of gaps in the work of the system's equipment, which could be filled in a short time, adding that the tests had ended and were considered successful.

According to the former deputy commander of the Russian Air Force Lieutenant General Atych Begev, all the equipment before being manufactured is subjected to tests in working and harsh climatic conditions.

In this regard, the climate in Syria represents an ideal testing ground as it is characterized by high temperatures and high dust, while the ongoing armed conflict calls for the operation of radars 24 hours a day.

Military experts believe that the effectiveness of the entire system "S-500" depends on the performance of the successful combat control point, and its new radar capable of monitoring targets at all altitudes.

S-500 elements have already been tested at a Russian air force training and combat center in the southern province of Astrakhan.

According to Western media reports, during the tests, the S-500 was able to hit a target at a distance of 481.2 kilometers, about 80 kilometers above the range of any existing air defense system in the world.

The Russian government confirmed earlier that the national military industry will begin to deliver the country's army systems "S-500" next year.

Source: Agencies

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