By:Nadeemy Haded

International organizations have warned of the risk of food shortages on the global market due to disturbances in international trade and food supplies due to the outbreak of the Coruna virus.

"The ambiguity about the availability of food can cause a wave of export restrictions," which in turn may cause, "Tudros Adhanum Gebriesos, and the Director of the World Trade Organization, Roberto Azevedo, said in a joint statement. With "a shortage of the global market."

For the three organizations concerned with health, nutrition and international trade, it is "important" to secure trade exchanges "in order to avoid food shortages in particular," the joint statement said.

The three organizations expressed their fear, in particular, about the "slowing down of the movement of workers in the agricultural and food sectors," which impedes many western crops and "delays in the borders of the containers" of goods, which leads to "wasting perishable products and increasing food waste".

The organizations pointed to the need to “protect” employees in the food production sector and those working in the agro-food manufacturing industry as well as those working in distribution with the aim of “reducing virus outbreaks in the sector” and “maintaining food supplies”.

The directors of the three organizations added, "When the issue is the issue of protecting the health and welfare of citizens, countries should ensure that all trade measures do not disturb the food supply."

They emphasized that "in such periods of time, international cooperation becomes necessary."

"We must ensure that our response to the Covid-19 epidemic does not involuntarily lead to an undue shortage of essential products and exacerbates hunger and malnutrition," they concluded.

Source: AFP

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