The U.S. Navy announced that 21 people were injured in an explosion followed by a fire on a warship at the US Naval Base in San Diego, California.

"17 sailors and 4 civilians are being treated for non-life-threatening injuries in a local hospital," a US Navy statement said, noting that the injuries between the sailors of the ship "Bonhomme Richard" caused by the fire were "minor", while Admiral Philip Subic confirmed to reporters The condition of the sailors is stable.

A US Navy Pacific Fleet tweet reported that not all crew members were on board during the explosion and the resulting fire, and that several different bodies worked to control the fire.

Rob Bondorant, president of the San Diego Federal Fire Service, said the agency's crews were working to extinguish the fire aboard the ship in cooperation with US Navy firefighting crews.

The causes of the fire and the explosion are not yet known, while reports say it started in a huge open area to store marine equipment, while confirming that there are no munitions on the ship.

Colin Stewell, head of the San Diego firefighting authority, noted that the ship might burn for days "up to the water line," but also indicated that there was potential to save it, and he said in this regard: "We will definitely make sure to sail again."

Stoll explained that the explosion occurred while the individuals left the ship, noting that two ships that were close to the scene of the accident were removed.

The ship, "Bonhomme Richard", is classified as an "amphibious assault". On board at the time of the fire, 160 people were on board, at the time it was under maintenance, while their entire crew numbered 1,000.

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By:Nadeemy Haded

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