He urged the Vice-President of the Russian Security Council, former Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev, not to "suspend all sins" of the World Health Organization, considering it an important element in the fight against the Corona virus.

"This platform is necessary to fight the epidemic caused by the coronavirus," Medvedov said. "As for the extent of its work, management, and procedures, this can be discussed later."

Medvedev, who is also the head of the ruling "United Russia" party, stressed during an international round table with the participation of the leaders of the parliamentary parties on the subject of "security cooperation during the COVID-19 epidemic", that the situation with the Corona virus epidemic requires effective cooperation between countries, on The level of governments, health authorities, scientific institutions, private services and international organizations. "

He said: "I am thinking here, first and foremost, of the World Health Organization, and unfortunately, it also suffered during the epidemic, because a separate political campaign unfolds around it, and it is in my opinion a mistake, as we must all fight this epidemic together, and the success of this organization However, it is impossible to suspend all sins with her neck and dismantle her work, as we say in our country. "

Medvedev concluded, "Otherwise, the international community will not have a platform to cooperate in this field."

The United States withdrew in this important United Nations organization, and cut funding to it, against the backdrop of President Donald Trump accusing the organization of complicity with China and covering it up to reveal information about the start of the coronary virus outbreak last December.

Source: "Novosti"

By:Nadeemy Haded

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