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By:Nadeemy Haded

The British royal family, with Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan, are discussing a ban on the use of the word "royal" in their trademark after the couple suddenly relinquish their royal duties to start a new life in Canada.

Harry, the grandson of Queen Elizabeth, and his wife, Megan, the Duchess of Sussex, agreed with the queen last month that they would not continue their work as individuals in the royal family, after they suddenly announced their desire to seek a "new progressive role" that they hoped would fund themselves.

"As the Duke and Duchess of Sussex abdicate from their roles as prominent members of the royal family and are seeking financial independence, the use of the word" royal "in this context will have to be reviewed," Reuters reported, on Wednesday.

The source added, "Discussions are still ongoing."

Harry and Meghan use the Sussex Royal brand a lot.

Their website has the same name, and they use it in their brand and organization for use in books, library items, and clothing such as nightgowns, socks, charity campaigns, training tools, sports, and social care.

"As part of the transition of the Duchess and Duchess of Sussex to the new chapter of their lives, plans are being made to launch their new, not-for-profit corporation. We will announce the details in due course," the royal source said.

Harry expressed sorrow for having had to give up his royal duties in agreement with the Queen, saying that there was no other option, if he and his wife, Megan, wished for a future independent of the stifling media interference in their lives.

Source: Agencies


By:Nadeemy Haded

Not a single day passes without hearing about the implications of the Corona virus, on various sectors of the global economy, and from the sectors that are reported in successively, the smart phone sector .. What is the relationship between the two?

The Chinese market is considered one of the most important globally for phone sales. Last year, sales of smart phones in China reached about 369 million phones, or a quarter of smart phone sales in the world.

But the hit of the new Corona virus, which has circulated in China in recent months and infected tens of thousands, is strong on these sales.

Experts have estimated sales in China to drop by about 30 percent, while some estimate the declines to be around 50 percent.

The biggest affected will be Chinese companies, especially Huawei, which alone account for about 39 percent of smartphone sales in China, and with the rest of the Chinese companies, they account for about 85 percent of smartphone sales in China.

Like Huawei, the American Apple will be affected as well, because it sells more than 27 million phones in China annually, while a company like Samsung does not rely much on the Chinese market, and its share there does not exceed 2 percent of sales.

China factories

Sales are one aspect, which is the importance of China being a market for phones, but more importantly, it is the stronghold of the smartphone industry.

According to estimates by some research institutions, China alone is a center for the manufacture of 70 percent of smartphones sold in the world, and when Chinese factories stop working, this means that the smart phone supply chains are affected in most parts of the world.

So the expectations for smart phone sales worldwide have been reduced, there are estimates that sales will decline by 12% this quarter, to reach 275 million phones.

According to estimates of "Trend Force", Huawei will be the biggest hit, with sales down by about 15 percent.

Behind Huawei comes Apple, which is expected to drop sales in this quarter by about 10 percent, while the least affected are Samsung, which depends on manufacturing in Vietnam and not in China.

There are 8 percent of Apple's stores in China, and the company's sales in China account for 17 percent of its total sales, which is home to about half of Apple's suppliers.

This means that if Apple's sales in China stop for one week, this means the company will lose about $ 850 million.

After these numbers, it is natural to see Apple reduce its sales forecast, and it is not farfetched to see other companies do that, because when we talk about China, we talk about the center of the smartphone industry in the world.


Books / Ayman Bahr

The Minister of Housing witnesses the signing of a cooperation agreement between the United Nations and the Social Housing Fund to establish a space for housing units in Egypt - Dar Misr - Paradise with areas between 100 and 150 m 2. With a term of installment of up to 20 years ... through the banks contracting with the fund

Dr. Assem Al-Jazzar, Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities in the United Arab Emirates and the United Nations Fund for Construction, witnessed the announcement of the sale of units and units funded by people with special needs Idris through banks and financing companies, for a maximum period of 20 years for the birth, and the financial director of the students of the National Institute for Higher and Administrative Studies. Dr. Assem Al-Jazzar said: He adheres to the new Urban Law Authority for the new administrative administration contract), and other projects, and the fund’s positions with data and details of their locations. Make sure of them. The social and real estate financing support by providing housing units for low and middle income people and supporting the real estate financing activity.

The CEO Fund of the Social Housing and Real Estate Finance Fund has a housing unit in accordance with the World Bank initiative. Because you raised a lot of linear lots of strength in the lots


By:Nadeemy Haded

The US Department of Justice announced the arrest of a Mexican citizen in Miami, south of the country, on Sunday, on charges of involvement in illegal activity within the territory of the United States for the Russian government.

The ministry said in a statement that Hector Alejandro Cabrera Fuentes, a Mexican citizen residing in Singapore, was arrested at Miami International Airport as he and his wife tried to leave on a trip to Mexico.

According to the statement, a Russian government official recruited Fuentes last year, during a meeting they gathered earlier this month in Russia, and gave him an external description of a car belonging to an "American government source", and instructed him to monitor the car and find out its license plate number

The statement continued, that Vojtenes and his wife went to the source's residence, which he did not give any details about, last Friday and his wife took a picture of the car plate.

The Ministry of Justice said that a close-up of the plaque was found on her phone, when US Customs and Border Protection officials searched the couple's phones at the airport, and Fuentes subsequently admitted to law enforcement officers that this operation had been ordered by a Russian government official.

According to the statement, Fuentes' arrest came on the basis of a complaint charged with "acting inside the United States on behalf of a foreign government (Russia) without notifying the public prosecutor, and conspiring to do so."

Fuentes is scheduled to appear before a hearing at the Miami Magistrate's Court on Friday, to be formally charged in the same court on March 3.

Source: Agencies


By:Nadeemy Haded

Spanish football champions Barcelona are seeking to settle a deal to sign Danish international striker Martin Braithwaite from Leganes by any means, according to media reports on Wednesday.

The American network "ESPN" indicated that the Catalan club obtained a special permission to join Braithwaite (28 years) outside the official contract period, and he will pay the penalty clause of his contract, which amounts to 18 million euros.

Leganes did not seem willing to negotiate with Barcelona, ​​after he abandoned his other Moroccan striker, Youssef Naciri, to Seville early in the season.

The network added that the player will be able to participate with Barcelona in the Ibar match next Saturday in the Spanish League, where he is one point behind his rivals Real Madrid. The Spanish newspaper "Sport" indicated that Braithwaite trained Wednesday with Leganes in light of Barcelona's attempts to annex him.

And added that Barcelona obtained special permission after a long injury until the end of the season for French striker Osman Dembele, and he also recently missed his Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez.

The Barcelona attack includes the best player in the world six times Argentine Lionel Messi, Frenchman Antoine Griezmann and teenager Enso Fati from Guinea-Bissau.

The Laws of the League refer to allowing the club to replace the injured player if his injury period exceeds five months, with another player from the Spanish League or without a professional contract.

Braithwaite joined Leganes in 2019 on loan from Middlesbrough before moving permanently at 5 million euros, and this season he scored 6 goals in the league. He scored 13 goals in 41 games with his current team, and carried the colors of Denmark in 39 international matches in which he scored 7 goals.

Source agencies


By:Nadeemy Haded

American boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. confirmed that he had entered into negotiations with the mixed martial arts organization "UFC", to conduct two strange contests with fighters Connor McGregor and Habib Nurmadmadov.

Mayzher told a sports journalist that he had negotiated "UFC" about the possibility of Irish connor McGregor and Russian Habib Nurmadmadov, in a single day, according to the "Metro" website.

Mayweather said: "I talked to them about fighting Habib and Connor on the same day. Habib Morning and Connor in the evening."

He defeated Mayweather McGregor in a boxing fight, his last, in August 2017, to reach his 50th victory in his unbeaten run.

Normmohamedov and his father, while working on his team, have previously expressed a desire to fight Mayweather in boxing, where his father said: "We have to face Tony Ferguson at UFC first, then we will enter a boxing camp for 6 months, after which we will be ready."

The father of Habib Nurmadmadov noted that Mayweather had to face his son, because both were not defeated in any battle during their combat career.

Mayweather's fight with McGregor and NurMahmadov could generate huge funds for subscribers and organizers alike, due to the weirdness, Mayweather's reputation and his unbeaten track record.

Source Sky News


Research conducted by a strategic consulting company revealed that Apple smart watches outperformed all Swiss watches combined, in terms of the pieces that were sold during the past year.

The company "Strategi Analytics" announced that Apple sold 32 million watches for the "Apple Watch" type during the past year, while Swiss watch companies sold 21 million pieces during the same year, according to the site "CNN".

Analysts are divided over whether this superiority will "extinction" the Swiss watch industry, with some saying the end is near, while others suggest that certified mechanical watches in Switzerland are still generating more revenue than Apple watches, even if they sell less.

The new report pointed out that Apple watches, which can track levels of fitness and link mobile applications, attract young generations, while Swiss watches are more popular among older people.

Technology analyst Carolina Milanese said that Apple watches have focused on technology, health and a modern look, while Swiss watches are marketed as a luxury brand.

Since the price of Swiss watches equals twice the number of Apple watches, as a general average, where the average hourly price of a Swiss watch is a thousand dollars, while the price of an Apple watch reaches 500 dollars, the profits of Swiss watches combined surpassed Apple last year.

But on the other hand, users are replacing Apple watches more, due to updates to the shape and technology, which may raise Apple's future sales beyond the Swiss watches.

Source Sky News

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