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Castle Journal - Nadeemy Haded

Sunday, 17 November 2019 13:13

German defender scores a goal heel


Germany defender Matthias Guenther scored a special goal against Belarus in Saturday's Euro 2020 qualifier.

Before the break, Serge Gnabry broke through the right-hand side of Belarus and sent a fine cross to defender Matthias Ginter.

The defender in turn decided to exploit his difficult situation and send the ball with his heels in the minute (41), to sign the goal of progress for his country, and although the television replay of the goal proved his presence in the offside, but the referee of the meeting calculated the goal in the end, due to the non-adoption of "mouse" In the playoffs.

Germany qualified for the Euro 2020 finals by beating Belarus 4-0 in Group C.

Germany lifted the tally to 18 points, and took the lead from the Netherlands, which came again with 16 points, while Northern Ireland came out empty-handed by one point, raising the tally to 13 in third place, while freezing the score of Belarus at 4 points.

Source: Twitter

Sunday, 17 November 2019 13:11

Death toll in Bolivia protests rises to 23


The death toll in Bolivia's protests in the past 24 hours has risen to 23 dead and 715 injured.

"Since yesterday, nine people have been killed and 122 injured by repression by the police and armed forces. This brings the death toll to 23 and 715 injured since the beginning of the political crisis," the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights said in a statement on Sunday.

A wave of protests erupted over Bolivia's re-election of former president Evo Morales for a fourth term after the October 20 election, narrowly ahead of his opponent, Carlos Mesa.

On November 10, Morales announced his resignation following pressure from the opposition and calls from the military, and in response to a wave of protests that swept the Bolivian street, which opposed the results of the recent presidential elections, which gave Morales a fourth term.

Source: Sputnik

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Apple's market value has exceeded the total value of the US energy sector, something no technology company has achieved before, according to recent financial data in the United States.

Analysts at Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, that "Apple" achieved this figure, after it managed to become the first company in the world exceeded its market value of one trillion dollars.

The company closed trading at a market value of 1.17 trillion, maintaining its position as the best value companies in the world.

The US Energy Index "S&P" closed at a market value of $ 1.13 trillion, according to the website "Markets Insider."

The iPhone manufacturer was able to achieve this achievement on the stock exchange after it impressed investors with the revenues achieved in the fourth tax quarter.

According to the decision of the federal government in the United States, the tax year for 2019 began in early October 2018 and ended on 30 September last year.

Apple surpassed Wall Street's forecasts, both in terms of revenue and profits, despite slower iPhone sales compared to the popularity of wearable devices such as watches.

Apple's market value has risen 8 percent since October 30, despite fierce competition for the global smartphone market.

Source Sky News

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Russia is on the path to abstaining from the dollar in its financial and trade dealings because of strained relations with the United States and to avoid US sanctions, the French newspaper Les Echos said on Friday.

Russia has signed agreements to adopt national currencies with a number of countries that also have strained relations with the United States, such as Iran, Turkey and China, as well as Moscow's strengthening of its reserves of currencies of the countries of the `` BRICS '', where it was estimated in 2018 at $ 125 billion .

Moscow's policy of reducing its dependence on the dollar has stabilized the ruble and even strengthened by 7.6 percent against the dollar.

Russian Deputy Finance Minister Vladimir Kolichov said earlier that Moscow plans to reduce the dollar's share of its cash reserves by 2020, within the framework of the new financial structure.

Source: Les Echos

Saturday, 16 November 2019 21:01

US to pay $ 4 billion for Soyuz spacecraft

According to a report published by NASA's chief inspector, Paul Martin, that the United States spent about $ 3.9 billion, the price of 70 seats to travel in the vehicles "Soyuz" Russian

The report pointed out that during the past 20 years ago launched to the International Space Station 85 vehicles "Soyuz" Russian, and the vehicle "Shatel" American and visited the station 239 astronauts.

After the US Space Shuttle program collapsed in 2011, NASA found itself unable to move its astronauts to the ISS and relied on Russia.

In 2014, SpaceX and Boeing began designing US manned vehicles under an agreement with NASA.

US Vice President Michael Pines said earlier that US manned vehicles will begin in the first half of 2020 to move US astronauts to the International Space Station.

But NASA does not rule out buying additional seats for its astronauts in 2020.

It is noteworthy that the first agreement with Russia started from $ 20 million and ended with $ 82 million for one seat in the "Soyuz" manned.

Source: TASS

Saturday, 16 November 2019 20:58

Brazil captain "opens fire" on Messi


LONDON (Reuters) - Brazil captain Thiago Silva lashed out at Argentine star Lionel Messi on Sunday after the end of the Super Clasico between the two traditional rivals.

Messi scored the only goal of the game 14 minutes after the start of the game, after receiving a penalty, he delivered to himself and shot strongly to the right of the goalkeeper, but Alison Baker, the protector of the Samba lair managed to stop it, before the ball returned to the Argentine magician, who easily placed inside Curling.

Commenting on the penalty, Silva said: "Messi takes advantage of his great popularity, where he is protected by referees. This is not an excuse or justification for defeat."

"Messi imposes his prestige and control over the referees. We talk to some of the players in Spain and they have told us that too. Lionel is always trying to control the games this way and that is not true."

"If the same happens with Casemiro, the referee will not make a decision. We are hostage to this situation. Referees must put Messi on the pitch, everyone inside the green rectangle."

"Messi does not have this advantage in the Champions League because the referees are tougher, but in Spain and with Argentina the situation is quite different."

Source: Agencies

US President Donald Trump attacked former US ambassador to Ukraine Mary Jovanovich as she testified on Friday in the US House of Representatives as part of an inquiry into his accountability.

"Everywhere Mary Jovanovic went, things turned. She started in Somalia, and see how it ended up there," Trump tweeted.

He added: "The US president has an absolute right to appoint ambassadors," stressing that he has "a strong foreign policy and very strong, very different from the policies of previous administrations."

The Democrat, who is leading the investigation, cut the course of testimony to tell Jovanovic that the US president had just launched an attack against it.

Jovanovic was surprised by Trump's words. "I don't think I had that ability, either in Mogadishu, Somalia, or anywhere else," she said. "This is very scary."

Jovanovic was quickly summoned from Kiev to Washington in May after being defamed by Trump's personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani.

Jovanovic vowed not to be "politically biased" and asserted that she had served the United States for 33 years.

On the second day of public television sessions on accountability, Mary Jovanovic explained how she was fighting corruption in Ukraine and how the Trump administration suddenly returned to Washington earlier this year.

The US House of Representatives session yesterday followed a long hearing on the Ukrainian issue, which began last September, and was conducted secretly to isolate Trump.

A US intelligence official revealed a phone call on July 25 between the US president and his Ukrainian counterpart.


The issue prompted Democrats, who control the House of Representatives, to open an investigation on Sept. 25 on suspicion of abuse of power by the president by asking for help from a foreign country to intervene in the election, in an attempt to discredit his political opponent, Joe Biden.

The speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, earlier, that investigations into the removal of the US president will focus on his behavior towards Ukraine.

Source: Agencies

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