By: Nadeemy Haded

The Spanish Electoral Commission has instructed to strip Catalan President Kim Torra of his parliamentary duties, which means that he will lose the presidency of the region as well and the procedure will enter into force in the coming days after its publication.

In a statement, the commission said it had decided that "the parliamentary mandate of Kim Tora in the Catalan parliament is invalid."

This decision comes after the Spanish judiciary denied last December 19, Tora the right to run for 18 months on charges of "disobedience", due to his refusal to comply with the Electoral Commission's order to withdraw separatist symbols from the front of the headquarters of the region's government during the election campaign.

Tora denounced the decision as "a coup against the Catalan institutions." He said: "I will make all possible appeals against this absolutely authoritarian and irregular decision," calling on the Catalan parliament to hold Saturday's session.

He stressed that the only body that could strip him of his presidential duties is the Catalan parliament, which is dominated by separatists.

The court ruling passed on Tora is not considered final because he submitted an appeal to the Supreme Court, but the Electoral Commission did not wait for the Supreme Court ruling, and agreed to the request of the oath and right-wing nationalists who were demanding the removal of Tora.

The Commission’s decision came in an atmosphere of political tension in Spain on the eve of a session in Parliament, to install Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez for a new term.

The system of autonomy for the region of Catalonia in north-eastern Spain provides that its president be a deputy in the region's parliament.

Source: AP

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