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A British nurse died from infection with the Corona virus and continued to work after the hospital refused to return to his home and receive treatment, on the pretext of a shortage of staff due to the large number of people infected with this epidemic

The mother of the young nurse, John Alagos, 23, who had been caring for people with Coronavirus, said he had contracted the disease at work, but was not allowed to go home, because his ward was short of staff.

The mother, Gina Gustello, explained that her son was not wearing the appropriate protective clothing at work, and he returned to his home on Friday after the shift, and complained of a headache and a high temperature throughout the night.

She said, "I asked him why did she come home? He said he asked the officials but they said they lacked the staff and they didn't let him go. I said, well, he ate some paracetamol, after a few minutes, it turned blue in his bed."

She noted that her son's colleagues told her that he "does not wear appropriate protective clothing," adding: "They wear personal protective equipment, but they do not protect the mouth completely. They wear normal masks."

After finding her unconscious son in his bedroom, Gustillo immediately called 999, but paramedics were unable to revive him.

Alagos, the third nurse and youngest British paramedic believed to have surrendered to the deadly Coved 19 virus, collapsed and died at home after a grueling 12-hour shift.

He was working at Watford General Hospital, which last night announced a "serious accident" and closed the M&E department after an oxygen supply problem.

"Our employees are fully aware of the symptoms of Covid-19, and we will never expect anyone to stay on the job if they exhibit these symptoms, or in fact they are not feeling well in any way," the hospital said in a statement.

A hospital spokeswoman explained: "We have always kept our employees abreast of the latest personal protection guidelines to ensure they have the appropriate level of protection." She added: "John was very popular and we will feel a great loss."

Last week, two nurses died on the front line to fight the Corona virus in Britain, who are believed to have contracted the disease. Arima Nisreen, 36, who had no underlying conditions, died in intensive care at the Walsall Manor Hospital, where she worked for 16 years.

Nurse Amy O'Rourke, 39, also died in intensive care at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Margate, where she worked.

Source: Daily Mail

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