A Moscow court has sentenced the famous Russian actor, Mikhail Yefremimov, to eight years in prison, in a regular order repair center, after he was found guilty of a traffic accident that caused the death of a person.

According to the text of the court's decision, Yefremov committed a traffic accident with his car on 8 June, which caused the death of one person while drunk.

The ruling also decided to withdraw the driver's license from Yefremov for a period of three years, after the expiration of his sentence, in addition to obliging him to pay an amount of 800,000 rubles (more than 10,500 US dollars) to the son of the car driver who was the victim of the accident.

The actor was handcuffed in the courtroom, after he was under house arrest after the accident that took place in central Moscow on June 8, in which a minivan driver died as a result of colliding with a Jeep Grand Cherokee, which was driven at high speed by the actor Mikhail Yefremov. Police stated that the actor was driving his car in a state of severe intoxication, and traces of narcotic substances were also found in his blood.

Before the court ruling was issued today, Tuesday, Yefremov changed his testimonies several times, as he confessed his guilt at first, then withdrew his confession with the support of his lawyer, to eventually return to his initial position and confess his guilt.

Source: Russian agencies

By:Nadeemy Haded

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