Paris - A French court has jailed four convicts and Islamists linked to a failed car bomb attack outside the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris three years ago, the French daily Le Figaro reported. The court sentenced one of them, Enas Madani, to 30 years in prison and Ornila
A Spanish judicial source has revealed that the country's Supreme Court is to convict separatist leaders in the territory of Catalonia, and sentenced them up to 15 years in prison for their role in the efforts to secede the territory in 2017. The news agency "Reuters" the source, that
London - Police in London have arrested 135 anti-climate change activists, police said in a statement on Monday. This comes as Extensions Republic has launched two weeks of peaceful civil disobedience to call for urgent government action to reduce carbon emissions. Pictures circulated showed activists blocking a bridge and
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will unveil his final offer to Brexit on Wednesday, calling it a "fair and logical" settlement. Johnson will make it clear that if Brussels does not respond to the proposal, Britain will not negotiate again and leave the EU on October 31. In his
The unemployment rate in the European Union fell to its lowest level in more than 19 years, Eurostat announced Monday, and it was necessary to pay attention to the superiority of Eastern European countries over their Western counterparts in unemployment rates. According to the EU's official statistics agency, unemployment
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