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By: Nadeemy Haded Laurent Berger, general secretary of the French CFDT labor union, said on Sunday that the union opposes a strike by workers in the transport sector during the Christmas period. He added: But the union will call for other protest moves in January if the government does
By; Nadeemy Haded Strikes in France disrupted travel around the country on Saturday, while highway truck drivers closed, and most trains did not move due to workers' anger at President Emmanuel Macron's policies. Tourists and shoppers faced stalled metro lines across Paris and semi-empty train stations, as the strike
By: Nadeemy Haded German media revealed that a group linked to right-wing circles led by a former military, is working to train civilians to fight and form informal armed militias similar to the "commando". Media in Germany circulated footage recorded by a drone in June 2018 in front of
By: Nadeemy Haded The European Parliament on Wednesday approved the new European Commission, headed by Ursula von der Leyne, to start its work on December 1, in the absence of a representative from Britain. A total of 461 members of the European Parliament voted in favor, 157 against and
by: Nadeemy Haded As of January 1, 2020, the owners of the older diesel car pay an additional cost of 15% of the car tax. On average, this tax increases by 225 euros per year. This is a measure already announced by the former finance minister in 2015. The
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