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The British Castle Journal Group for Journalism and Media launched the Arab National Campaign for the War on Addiction led by Maj. Gen. Avi Mohammad Abubakar, General Counsel of the Group, and Dr. Abeer Almadawy , the owner and Chairman of the Board.

The campaign aims to reduce the number of patients with addiction by moving to them and offer their help and support beside the full information of the dangerous effects of the drugs on their life... Also the campaign will contact with the responsible ministries for getting their support around the Arabic countries.

During the launching of the campaign, Major General Abu Bakr said that I and all my colleagues of Retired officers in the army and the police will cooperate together to face this deadly threat to our children, our youth and our Arab societies at all, and I worked on finding a working map with the relevant ministries such as education, culture, health, social solidarity, youth and sport within The Arab Republic of Egypt, but I have not yet had an interview with the ministers or approved this plan, which allows us to meet with young people, talk with them, educate them in schools and universities, and adopt new perspectives that will attract young people out of the addiction dilemma.

In other side Dr. Abeer Almadawy said;

We are now coordinating with the rest of the Arab countries through the directors of our offices there and the campaign will start on the war on addiction from two axes

The first axis includes guidance, education and awareness

The second axis is the monitoring and follow-up of the health centers treated to addicts since most cases of recidivism due to the reasons of treatment within the center itself and left the addict to employees who deal with them without conscience and after that they became a good reason why the patient returned back to addiction!

She added

I have another war on addiction, but this time it is not just a war on drugs, but electronic addiction that broke the wall of the protection of our Arab societies and torn apart in the absence of real knowledge of what is happening , from here I request the inclusion of electronic addiction under the Electronic Crime Act.

When a young man is sold a piece of music or a painting, which is a kind of waves that have a nervous effect on the brain and the nervous system of the brain, it is the same action done by ordinary drugs known but more dangerous because it leads to death in many cases the first or second try with frequency.

This type of electronic drug has spread very well in our country through some games and social networking sites where it can broadcast strange ideas and perhaps other technological things to control the minds of people, and in the absence of knowledge of the security services about the reality of the impact of those games ! These sites will continue to be dangerous . So that the calls for the cooperation of scientists and researchers with us , is a necessity. We want their help in the technological and social and psychological matters . Our call is due to the seriousness of The critical condition our country reached to where thousands of young people went to drugs and addiction in the absence of awareness of their families.

Therefore, It is planned that the campaign of the war on addiction will include all the governorates of Egypt and Iraq at first as a model for the starting point.

Major General Mohammad Abu Bakr Hamid said that the campaign will continue as long as there is addiction and addicts and will not stop calling and working to protect the future of our country in its people

Castle journal Arabia, will follow up a comprehensive coverage of the campaign from today, and will receive all contacts and inquiries.



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