The State Information Service released a statement a little while ago addressing the upcoming coverage of international media representatives, and specifically accredited correspondents of Friday the 27th of September.

 SIS’s statement revealed some information regarding this coverage which includes the following:

  • 41 accredited Media and Press establishments submitted to SIS requests for televised and photographic coverage for 195 journalists and photographers. All requests were accepted and the applicants have been granted permits for completely free coverage and
  • photo taking in all the squares and main streets of the governorates of Cairo, Giza, Qalubiya, Alexandria and Suez in accordance with international customs.
  • There are 900 accredited representatives of foreign media outlets registered with SIS in Egypt and that includes technicians and administrative staff and they all carry the accreditation ID issued by SIS. This ID allows them to move freely across the entire
  • republic unhindered to undertake none photographic coverage.
  • 30 visiting unaccredited foreign correspondents representing 15 foreign press and media establishments have applied for press permits to cover Friday the 27th; Press IDs were granted to 15 of them and the requests of the others are still pending as they
  • applied as late as Thursday, September 26th.

 SIS’s statement reiterated its previous calls on all foreign media outlets to strictly abide by globally accepted professional codes of conduct of the press and the media while covering Egyptian affairs. SIS pointed to these codes in a previous statement released on the

21st of September, and came their forefront:

  • Correspondents should only publish what that they observe themselves from their known, credible sources that must be confirmed by two other credible sources that have also observed the same incidents with their own eyes in accordance with the codes of
  • conduct.
  • In the case of publishing analysis or conclusions or interpretations or expectations, neutrality between all parties should be taken into account and space should be provided for all viewpoints to be presented in an equal manner and that includes the viewpoint
  • of the State or who represents it.
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